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Please help critique a newbie's PC component upgrade choices!

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    Originally posted by ViperGrendal View Post
    It also looks like it has all the necessary connectors.
    I prefer to solder all those myself, so you get just the right length and combinations of connectors, having a series of molex connectors with a cable in between each one the exact lenght of the distance between each HDD is bliss compared to having a bunch of molex connectors and molex splitters with cables going every which way.

    Originally posted by vaxop23 View Post
    yay so ill be ok?
    It's not guaranteed, you should err on the side of cation, aka bigger is better, I got a 730w PSU just to be safe

    Originally posted by lærnu View Post
    So wait, I was thinking about getting a Q6600 because I read that although it is not technically truly four cores, it will be slightly more future proof than the E6850. So if this is not true, i'll change my choice...
    So will someone shed some light? They're the same price so I am really not bothered except I obviously want to get whichever is the best.
    All C2Q chips are 2x duals, 2 cores share 4MB L2 cache, for a total of 8MB L2, in tests and benchmarks the C2Q chips wipes the floor with C2D chips in games/apps that can make use of all 4 cores, and UT3 does.


      #32 - click on cpu charts. theres no contest between the quad and the duo


        There is a new gaming Shuttle PC on sale with a 450W PSU, a C2Q and a 640MB 8800GTS. It had at least 1 HDD and 1 CD/DVD combo drive. It got an above average review but they did say that you'd be screwed if you wanted to add or upgrade hardware.

        My aging PC (specs below) wouldn't turn on with a 550W PSU and that was with a 256MB 6800GT. I went up to a 650W which blew (well, it melted) and took a 512MB 7800GS+ (was actually a 7900GT with 24 pixel pipelines) with it. So I bought an Enermax Galaxy 1000W which now powers my rig with ease.

        If you need to, save up some more cash just for a better PSU.