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    I love to hunt down mantas with the new Impact Hammer. It is so sweet to nail the guy coming straight for you and have them flung away, smoking or in pieces. True, I still get flattened a fair number of times, but it's so sweet when the EMP works. If I could just read some instructions on how it's supposed to work, I'd be able to figure out what I'm doing wrong...

    Frankly, I really like the enforcer, too. I've whipped that out for all sorts of sutuations, including long-distance kills where they're using rockets or stinger. The accuracy of teh single shots is well worth the effort of the extra hit required.

    But, if I had to choose a non-spawn weapon, I'd pick the bio-rifle. I mean, how awesome is it when even your missed shots are dangerous? And people just fear the bio-goo, plain and simple.


      SR + player without shield or helmet=headshot
      but also RL - five 5 mods of fire


        Originally posted by [404]Cham3l3on View Post
        Not trying to complain about the poll, but I think the title is a little misleading. I personally wouldn't have named it 'weapon balance' but rather 'best close range weapon'.
        Yeah, noticed it too a minute after i made the thread but thought oh well

        Still, it's surprising that 2 of the least-used weapons in all of UT are so popular, with the shock rifle and sniper getting little love. No doubt that in UT99, given the same scenario, most people would choose sniper anyways (ROF is high and headshots are deadly), and in UT2 shock rifle or flak would be in the lead.