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Is anyone unhappy with the bots?

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    bots always its worse i think
    normally only play with bots to try out things (well since i can't change to don't see multiplayer maps without bots i'm lazy to play online with ping and bots)
    just like always..bots know where you are ..ยจ(playing only on shangari-la and on inhuman too) run arround a wall and there was a bot anywhere at that place/room he just shoot you on the head a single second after you appeared out of the ? bots with invicible textures ? lol..
    and when a shield/powerup/any of that **** see 5 bots killing ones anothers trying to jump at the place of that thing...(yea...i'm kinda noob and haven't bothered much about playing much the demo) but if you put godlike difficulty i bet the only reason why most ppl would lost was than the bot always take the powerup/shields when they spawn
    lets not talk about how smart bots are on vctf ...if you wanna win you must do it alone...bots are only there being "good-for-nothing" ,the only times i won on offline at vcft was like...go alone kill the enemy team take the flag go back..alone..uh..when actualy was on a secure place i was locking arround trying to find any bot..
    Originally posted by Mardok View Post
    I[*]Is it just me or do the enemy bots see you as a higher priority on their "To kill" list? I don't remember one time when a team bot died before I did when we were moving in a group.
    this happens on all games i think...on a dm theres 4 bots and everyone ofc aims you...
    on the middle of shangari-la you just stay at the middle runing arround and eventualy you'll see all the bots on the map attacking you from all directions...


      Bots need to learn how to drive, not get stuck constantly..... and try to complete the order they are given.. or pay attention to what's already going on...

      Thier accuracy is just stupid, even at novice..

      how in the HELL can you 99% of the time shoot using the tank's main, and nail a single player, across the map, while in mid jump? even the driving a scorpian down the other side of the wall, and them somehow nailing you from a distance.. when even with the most accurate and amount of time to do it yourself, quite often you'd never hit them, it'd either hit the wall or over them.

      Bots ARE stupid, they seemed to be emediately setup per map, and not by gametype. This is evident when someone sets up TDM on suspense..... I did this, and all the bots still think they are running for a flag, they'll grab all the vehicles and plow into each other where the flag might be, until they all either blow up, or can't move because a tank/mant/scorpian/raptor/hellbender/spma are all overlapping inside that tiny little room.

      None of them seem to be dynamic in any manner, they seem to try and do the same stupid things over and over again without learning how to avoiding doing it. Doesn't matter what difficulty they are on.

      This is why i created a Human like Botpack for UT2004, replacing ALL the bots with accuracy set exceptionally low, and the other characteristics set nearly at maximum, not only did you get much more human like reactions from the bots even at lower difficulty lvls, but they weren't able to 100% hit you ever single time, even in godlike, from across the map, they weren't able to nail you all the time, but they were **** close to it.


        Looks like the same AI bugs that's plagued the UT franchise for the last...8 years... are still here today? WTF... I thought that Epic was gonna have some REALLY GODLY ai this time around... and it turns out the bots are STILL stuck in 1999. I don't care if this is a Beta demo, I don't see them fixing the AI problems anytime soon. The voice-to-command features that were tauted as the 'next-gen AI' got silently dropped for some reason. How does Epic think they're gonna pull in the offline people now?

        I've lost faith in Epic giving us any 'next-gen AI'. But where's the smaller stuff? Where's the "Bots will aim more realistically" claim? Where's the fix for the bots being 'biased' towards players? and why don't bots ever spam? It would make it 10 times more human-like to see a lower-leveled bot spam some corner with a combo regardless of whether there's a player or not.
        UT3 will bring major advances in the artificial intelligence that controls UT bots, as well as the way in which players communicate with them. UT3 players will be able to give bots specific orders using their own voices. Whereas in UT or UT2004 you'd use the voice menu to tell your bots to "attack", you can now give orders like "there's a sniper on the tower, go get him". Bots will also respond to particular questions. For example, if you asked "is there anyone in the cave?", they might reply "no, the cave is clear".
        UT3 bots' personalities will also make them better suited to different in-game tasks.
        Where in the Two Weeks are all of those?