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Necris are the bad on the movie.

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    Necris are the bad on the movie.

    Couple months ago, i bought unreal annyversary edition.
    I have played the franchise seriously since ut99, so i missed the unreal1 and expansion.
    Well, never mind.
    With the installation i replayed ut99,and i spent more time reading all the profiles.

    I already knew that necris were aliens, from some kind of zombified world, but, if you pay attention to the profiles, they were not specially bad guys.
    Well, inside the necris faction there was a religion whose members were specially agressive to others people, but thats all.
    The rest of the necris only were alien zombies, more or less normal, that just wanted to enter the tournament.

    And, now, since UT3 is coming, the necris are guilty of all humans fears.
    They re just conquering all worlds, and zombifing them ( necrifing if you prefer )

    We need a bad guy. Skaarjs are not enough. So we make a game, we put the necris, those misunderstood spatial zombies, and we show them as very bad guys.... what a pity!!!!
    I think this is unfair for them. Try to see it from the necris point of view.
    This game has become like an witch´s hunting.
    Is like humans always have to fight against a very bad enemy and now, necris has been chosen to get our rage....

    Well, i know, loque and kragoth would never do this!!! I know it.

    (looks what happens when only left a month to play ut and gow and you have not a time machine?)

    It's all part of the backlash against emo. Of course the pale, black-haired ones are evil. Of course they need to be extinguished in the name of all that is good and right.

    Also: bring back Skaarj.


      Originally posted by r1esG0 View Post
      Well, i know, loque and kragoth would never do this!!! I know it.
      Yeah Kragoth's character description always was very very friendly. Something about murdering a whole star cruiser on his own or something.

      It's not that strange though. Alliances are always forged and broken.