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Never any duel servers ?

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    Never any duel servers ?

    Hey, im new to the forum but been playing UT alot since 99 came out..

    Whats up with the Duel mode, no one is playing it

    I dont really enjoy being on a DM server with 20 ppl running around just spamming the buttons, i would like to play some real 1v1s.. and iv got a few 1v1 on DM servers but they always get interupted by ppl joining

    Is everybody against 1v1 ?

    I played on two of them yesterday. They weren't listed under Duel though, they were under Deathmatch (check the 'Game' field for gametype).

    It was really a blast. I got my *** handed to me many times, but you really improve your gameplay when faced with a more strategical environment.


      I think the reason is probably the current map selection.


        ok, thx for the answers..
        I'm getting a switch in a few days.. so i can get a normal IP adress

        Im on 100Mbit connection ( sweden rules for fast internet )
        Im gonna make a duel server and write the IP down here so ppl can chalange me, im gonna start practicing for real tournaments.. i have to try to find one in sweden tho


          I tried to play a few times and found loads of servers... all 0 ping un-joinable ones.