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I just made a huge UT3 survey, it covers many issues. Only 36 questions!

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    Surprisingly good survey. Covers a HUGE variety of options. some more "others" would have been good.

    Anyone who calls the game as whole "perfect" in its beta state needs their heads examined. There's no doubt the game is going to be AWESOME, but the beta is rife with issues....which is kinda the point.

    Results, in case no one else has linked to them:


      great survey, show some props to the OP


        I miss options like "i dont like vehicles" and "i dont play VCTF" so it was diffecult to answer those questions for me. For example: i dont know if i like the manta or not because i never use it because i dont like vehicle based games

        But nice poll there

        Gr Fragger


          My main problem with the survey (aside from the fact that you can vote more than once, which voids the stats completely) is that you never even mention a very important aspect of the game.. the menus/UI.

          I don't think the game itself is 'dumbed down'... i love the feel of UT3 gameplay and give the game itself an 'almost perfect'.... but the menus/preferences are obviously ripped right off the console version and slapped on the PC.... a travesty, IMO. It's depressing to see this simplistic, paired-down menu on my beloved UT...."Advanced" preferences, my big, fat *****.


            Originally posted by -n7- View Post
            As i filled out this survey, i realized how much i liked UT2k4...& how many things **** me off about the beta demo...
            definately agree with that


              Originally posted by dangerpaki View Post
              although i think people playing ut for the first time shouldn;t take this survey as they can;t compare to earlier versions of the game. which i think is of importance to answer most of the questions.
              I completely disagree. Newcomers's opinions are just as important as anyone else's. The UT community needs fresh blood, and you don't have to have any history in UT in order to appreciate UT3's brand of fun.

              Games are supposed to be accessible to everyone, and UT3 was meant to stand on its own, so newcomer's views should be extra-important, I think.

              This survey is a good thing. Epic should be pretty pleased with these sorts of results. Well done!


                more attention to the survey - it's a vocal group, but still a bigger group.


                  Aren't ppl abusing the survey a bit?
                  Almost every question has "perfect" as the top percentage.
                  That's not what we want to show Epic, now is it ?


                    Someone in the survey asked "Where are the UT99-style maps?"

                    I wanted to reply with, "in UT99"