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'Return' to UT is more than just gameplay. It is community!

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    'Return' to UT is more than just gameplay. It is community!

    Not sure if I should have posted this here, or in the Epic Games general chat. But since it is also about UT3 and its community, I did it here.

    Epic has said they would bring UT3 back to the original UT, while keeping the good stuff from UT2004. Like vehicles, wall jumps, etc.
    This is great news indeed for a UT player like me. Having played UT for 6 years and having my best gaming experiences with that game. Ever.

    But UT was more than just the fast paced, hardcore, adrenaline-pumping, palm sweating action. UT was a way of life . It was a real community. Anyone who was part of it near the start of UT would know this.

    Why was UT like this though? It came to me today.

    Epic said they would not go for a BUILD-in IRC application within UT3 because... everyone would use mIRC anyway. The same reason was given to the build-in music player. Though they might be right on both accounts, they forget to look at the big picture of the build-in IRC function UT had.

    The build-in function was more than just a functionality. It was more than being able to play the game and still chat to people and see their messages in the chat box. It was something for the new kid on the block to get into the community. A new player opens UT. Plays the game, and LOVES it. He obviously wants to get into competitive play, join a clan! Or he is just interested to talk to people about it. Earlier he noticed the CHAT function within the game. And clicks on it. Orientates on the application, and clicks connect. Connecting to IRC.UTGAMES.COM. Autojoining #UNREALTOURNAMENT.
    He starts talking to people, meets new people, wants to join a clan. He gets invited to join some channels of clans that would like to have him. he meets new people here. He joins the clan. They start doing some matches, lets go to clanX they are about our level, ask em to play a scrim. Alright /join #clanX.

    What does all this mean? A new person is launched into the community through the chat function. He meets new people. Gets in touch with clans. Starts playing with the community, and has 200% more fun than just playing the game with bots-with-human-skills. AKA. Human players. But they are just a name to that person and he will probably not see most of them again or remember them when he plays next time.

    THAT is the result of the chat function. But there is more.
    irc.UTGAMES.COM was the chat server run by epic. Later turned into UTCHAT. When you went into the game, and clicked connect, you went to THAT server by default. It kept the community in one place. It brought new people into this one place.
    What happens now? You want to play in a clan? Right. Google? The player will be slapped dead with ETG, Quakenet, gamesurge, yadda yadda.
    In short. The community is SPLIT UP. DIVIDED.

    To get to the point of my post:

    Keep it in one place. Keep it together. Bring it back to the UT tightness

    1. Re-launch UTGAMES.
    2. Implement build-in CHAT that goes to UTGAMES.
    3. Launch Epic's OFFICIAL ladder.
    4. Advertise this to the community.

    Keep the community strong, keep it together, don't let it get divided between 10 chat servers or 20 different ladder sites.
    A ladder is important. It is where the competitive play comes from. Right now there are so many of them, there is no top 1 clan. There is no "Hey did you hear, yesterday GoD beat NoC and they have taken the number one spot!" because there are 10 number 1 spots on 10 different ladder websites. Most of the big sites don't focus on UT. They focus on as many games as they can, attracting as many people as they can. They are out of touch. Keep a HUGE community in one place, keep it 'small' by keeping it together. Let there be famous players, and famous clans, and let there be a tight-knit big community.

    You don't need to put extra man-power in this that are hard at work to fine-tune UT3. Look to the community. They are your buyers, they are your heart. They will help you help them There are some really talented individuals part of the unreal community, something I don't have to tell anyone but lets just state it anyway.

    Under EPIC's supervision 'recruit' this volunteers to help you in creating the tools necessary to keep the community strong. To keep it together. And to increase the shelf-life of your own product. And as such keep the money flow going.

    Surely EPIC, you want not only the gameplay of UT back in UT3. But also the success of UT, the popularity of UT, the full servers of UT, and the shelf-life of UT.

    Don't forget the community. Do what you did with UT. That is my plea.

    That is all.

    I agree with you that it's a shame that the game will not be coming with a built-in IRC browser.


      Not bad... I think you have a good point, but epic supervising a member of the community to make a built in chat function doesnt sound to good, i think they could put it in in a patch later on to stop the delay of the game.


        Originally posted by Allcars View Post
        Not bad... I think you have a good point, but epic supervising a member of the community to make a built in chat function doesnt sound to good, i think they could put it in in a patch later on to stop the delay of the game.
        Right. Very true. My comment about supervising community members was aimed towards creating a ladder system for competitive gameplay.


          On top of that. I think it is a mistake to think people are going to use mIRC anyway. I'm sure that mIRC would use much more resources than a built in function.

          Also it is how I got started oh so long ago. It was a much more user friendly way to set up matches and meet the nice people of the UT universe.

          Hope to god they change their mind because it was perfect.


            Excellent post!

            And as a side note, I think the community info should be the very FIRST thing you see when you login.


              I agree. Matter of fact, I never understood the appeal of IRC until I got bored one night and checked out the ingame client from UT99... I was like, "Wow! This is actually fun!"

              I think that experience was part of what helped get me hooked on UT. Sucks there will be no built- in client this time out.


                SandRock - however long I have known you, I have to say, you got a few details wrong....

                Having been an admin of UTGames then UTChat etc... Im here to correct you

                Back on Release, UT99 pointed to a server called - this was run independent and Epic had NOTHING to do with it, other than pointing UT There.... This was then sold on to someone else, who later renamed it to - this was then updated in the UT99 Client with a later patch.... then, again, a couple of years later got passed on to someone else, who renamed to - and again, the IRC Client got updated in a patch to reflect that...

                UT2003, was also pointed to, and UT2004 had 2 options, and EnterTheGame...

                While still 'exists' it is no longer how it was.. I was once left to run by the owner of the domain, who said they would take a 'Back Seat' in the running... in an attempt to expand the IRC to more than just UT (as the IRC was, as some people would say, Dieing, because of EnterTheGame and QuakeNet) we added a second name of 'WorldGamers' -- this was going well, and when the owner of (who also now owned WorldGamers) saw this, he came back to the IRC and started passing all sorts of stupid rules, and making decisions that in the eyes of the IRC Staff, would have ruined everything we had just spent the last few months working towards... so the staff decided to remove the owner of the UTChat domain, and form thier own IRC... The resulting ' ForTheGamers.Org ' came from this, and is doing pretty well.. has gone to another server (aka GGC) and they have recently had 'issues' with the domain owner aswell, however it is still pointed there..

                So, Why no IRC in UT3????

                Back when UT3 was first announced I was in contact with Epic about arranging the IRC services for UT3 (at this time, it was still UTChat / WorldGamers) and they seemed happy that it was going ahead, The further into the creation we got, the less they replied to my emails, stating they would not be including an IRC client, they would be using more of a 'server lobby' type system... I tried to convince them otherwise, we discussed loads of benefits to having an IRC client, but they would not change thier minds...

                So yes, There's an IRC willing to host the UT3 IRC (irc.ForTheGamers.Org) - we just need to convince epic to do it now :P - which im in full support of


                  Thanks for setting me straight Ghozer. I didn't go as far back as GamesLink and didn't know all this. Word to mouth made me believe UTGames was at one point owned by EPIC. Good to know the facts.

                  As you might see from your own description sometimes privately owned servers can cause some 'drama' which would have a negative impact on such a community. Uncertainty and instability are not good features to build a community on.

                  I've seen you work and I admire your knowledge and passion for IRC (servers) and you are probably the most suitable person to run such a thing. And I believe EPIC would do wise to accept your help.

                  Though, I believe an EPIC-owned irc server would provide more security, not technical-wise but in terms of the stability and certainty I mentioned. In hands of EPIC, the server would be going nowhere, and drastic changes couldn't be made without their appproval. This new IRC server could be used for all EPIC games and even Unreal Licensee games. Which should provide quite the userbase.

                  This would be the benefit of an EPIC owned server for the community, whoever runs the server does not have to be EPIC employed. And as mentioned previously, I honestly believe (with your history and expertise) you would be the ideal candidate



                    thinking back to the initial emails re: UT3, the discussions I had with epic were for more than IRC, We wanted to help over-see the whole community, from helping to moderate the UT3 forums, to arrainging 'official' ladders and leagues, and helping run 'official' servers ('official' being epic endorsed/approved)

                    But yeah, before I joined UT's IRC, i diddnt even know what IRC was, GamesLink through UT99 was my first ever IRC experience and look where I am now because of that.. I agree that most people who play UT in a clan, or who run a fansite / server - must have used the IRC, atleast initially, to find people, right back at the start..

                    I remember epic saying they wanted to be more community focused in UT3, well you removed your BIGGEST aspect of the community -- I remember Discussing this with Mark (Epic) and Tim (Midway) during the UT3 emails... and they were quite interested, but again, never got back to me and nothing ever came of it...


                      Strange that EPIC came to think otherwise and did not continue taking this up. Perhaps they felt the community was not interested in it. Well I am certainly for one. And so far a few others seem to believe in it too. Perhaps EPIC looked too much at the technical side of things. We have mIRC, why bother? We have plenty of ladders already. Why bother? Etc.
                      But forgot the direct results beyond the functionality that these systems offer, what they bring with them is a stronger community. And a community makes players stick to the game for years to come, a community makes the game so much more fun beyond any programmable or design changes. Something companies seem to forget. I think a lot of people respect EPIC for their wisdom of listening to the gamers. And hopefully people will speak out, whether it be negative or positive (I'm not saying my opinion is righteous) and something might come off it

                      Good to hear from you again, thanks for the info, and great to see you're still kickin' it


                        Use Quakenet instead of UTgames. It already has round 1000 different users who all play UT. Just visit #ut3 #ut.duell #clanbase.ut3 #ut3.tdm #insta and you will see. The biggest channel of these is #ut3.

                        It took years to develope this irc community this big, IRC isn't really known with people anyways, and some go to the smaller networks.



                          I remember in UT99 people didn't kill you when you were afk or typing.

                          The game was about good sportsmanship, having fun, respect, friends, and community.

                          That's what made it last so long, and that's why there were so many mods and mutators, not because itwas easier then because it's not THAT much harder to make a mod now. Back then you had to deal with technological limitations while style making it look nice and quality, now you don't have many limitations but you have to make it look nice.

                          one of our problems is all the channels are spread between.. Enterthegame, gamesurge, gamesradius, quakenet, utgames or wahtever the one is.


                            Originally posted by innociv View Post
                            one of our problems is all the channels are spread between.. Enterthegame, gamesurge, gamesradius, quakenet, utgames or wahtever the one is.
                            qft, it's almost like different cliques in high school

                            Oh, and I'm one of those guys that won't kill you if you're standing still


                              I just shows that epic has no clue why UT99 was so successful, since they removed a lot of features that were the reason.