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14 issues with ut3 that i have found many people to have...please read epic

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    Originally posted by y0nki View Post
    The game needs better crosshairs. In UT2k4 you could choose from all kinds of crosshairs. UT3 crosshairs are too big.
    Well, if UT/2k3/2k4 are any example, customs will be allowed in the full game, so you can **** well bet I'll be hammering on mine to update to UT3


      Originally posted by da ghost View Post
      Wrong developer, lol.
      heh.. yep.. got wow on the brain.. played that stupid game toooooo long. Thank god UT3 is almost here.

      Still tho.. fix the UI.


        Originally posted by rhiridflaidd View Post
        and handbrake (duck) to spin on a dime in a hellbender or scorpion.
        I don't like having the handbrake bound to a different key than jump. Crouch is just not a key I am used to pressing while driving. It's not something I'm used to pressing in UT at all, so it's bound to a rather out of the way key. I'd much rather see it bound to jump like it was before. Boost is something I don't do quite as much of, and would be fine with my bindings.

        I know I can change keybindings, but I would like to leave jump where it it, and have it be the same key as handbrake. Is it possible to get different configs for vehicle and foot control? Maybe I just missed it.

        Originally posted by luseferous
        I have only two game play issues, one I can live with is the flak trajectory.
        I really don't like the flak trajectory myself. I wish it went where you were aiming. I'd rather aim up a little than have it fly some unmarked angle distance above my crosshair.

        Both of these could be configured, Hoping Consoleitis and its attendant lack of configurability don't bite here.