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14 issues with ut3 that i have found many people to have...please read epic

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    If you shoot at the Goliath while the scorp races towards it it blows up, the scrop gets close to killing a full health Goliath but not all the way.


      For the love of Jesus don't increase splash on rocket launchers and Goliath. I think a goal should be to encourage players to get better over time rather than to lure them into camping a vehicle spawn because it's retardedly overpowered and easy to farm kills with. I've been playing the vCTF a lot in the demo, and I can tell you the Goliath doesn't need to be buffed. You should be encouraging people to learn how to aim, and not give them free kills due to 1-mile radius splash damage.

      You can overcome the slow rate of turning by moving forwards or backwards while aiming for someone instead of sitting still trying to aim. If a manta attacks you and starts side strafing you, don't try to follow it with your turret, but swing the turret the other way and wait for it to go in front of it while moving forwards or backwards.

      Instead of trying to adapt, you're asking Epic to make it easier for ****tier players to kill good players that actually incorporate skill and strategy. As of right now, I think Epic has the balance down in the game pretty well. We don't know anything to be a lot more powerful than everything else.

      And asking for a buff on splash damage for rocket launchers is just insane -- sorry, but it's the truth.


        The game needs better crosshairs. In UT2k4 you could choose from all kinds of crosshairs. UT3 crosshairs are too big.


          #9: I don't think tank splash should be instant-kill, but def lots of damage, & either a push or a knock-down (like being knocked down from the hoverboard). I'd prefer to have a larger splash radius.

          IMHO, the other vehicle weapons should be tweakable via a mutator.


            Originally posted by KillBait! View Post
            Not being able to park vehicles over of very near to the flags in VCTF!! .. seems to be getting more common now!!
            It's a tactic, one that both teams are free to employ. As people learn a successful tactic, it becomes more common. Then people learn to counter that tactic.

            Originally posted by Draco View Post
            5. the “Buddies” or “friends” system must be fixed – the way it stands now, it is far far to much of a hassle to add some one
            You can add buddies? How about server favorites? These options are so nonintuitive(unintuitive?) that I didn't even realize they were in the game.


              give us the original MO MO MO MONSTERKILL KILL KILL KILL ... instead of the poor "monsterkill" we got now


                Originally posted by Draco View Post
                14. old award announcements should be reinstated…go all the way up to holy ***** again, and put flak monkey, and combo ***** back in.
                I agree with everything in the OP, some to a greater extent than others, except for this one. Holy **** and whatnot is absolutely lame and you've got other weapon-specific announcements now that do the job just fine.


                  The whole pre-game interface needs to be redone ... the server browser like everyone is saying, but just as important to me is the preferences screens. This UI is obviously the one built for consoles... I'm amazed they tacked the same one on to UT3 for PC.

                  I mean, isn't this their baby? Really now, something doesn't add up.

                  I'd like to think there is a bloody civil war raging right now inside of Epic headquarters... on one side are the programmers and artists, the guys who actually play the game, that are pushing to make a browser and prefs UI that has everything and the kitchen sink in it, allowing us to change all of the relevant setting that are in the .ini files even, all wound up in a slick, easy-to-use interface.

                  On the other side are the 'suits', (who don't play games, but bought their son's Halo 3) who are more concerned with $ony and M$'s bottom line than the actual game, explaining in legalese why they must keep the console and PC versions of UT as identical as possible, or el$e. Well, the $uits $ign their paycheck$, so the programmers caved in...

                  ...or, did they?

                  (next paragraph spoken in a whisper)
                  In reality, unbeknownst to the $uits, this console interface on PC is set to expire on November 19th, 2007, and replace itself with a hawt, and I mean HAWT, UI with more than 1000 new settings and features. All the .ini settings with tooltips explaining what they each do. A MP3 player that lets you create song playlists for each map and gametype. A prefs screen with so many options that, if viewed on a 720x480 television monitor becomes an indecipherably tiny garble of text, buttons, and sliders. A server browser that actually, umm.... works.

                  Well, a man can dream, can't he?


                    i agree the demo browser is pretty mess but i doubt they ll leave it in full rls. also i d welcome if i can see and copy the ip of the server so i can post it to friends if i wanna play with them

                    rocket is fine and it certainly doesnt need to be more powerful...flak is ok as well altho im not sure about the secondary as it idd seems like to shoot from ur head rather then gun


                      Originally posted by [.Levi*711.] View Post
                      i agree the demo browser is pretty mess but i doubt they ll leave it in full rls
                      I wouldn't be so sure, based on Epic's total non-response in their own UI stickied thread over in the Beta Demo forum.

                      Almost 700 posts there and not a single response from Epic, outside of the one where Mark pretty much just says "no flaming please". That's it. When asked directly if this is the real UI or just a placeholder for the demo.... no response.

                      I think they're afraid to respond to the thread cus they know the UI is total ****, but can't or won't change it, for unknown business reasons, no doubt. I dunno... Sony or MS want the console interface and PC interface the same... gamespy pregrammers actually did the server browser... or something.

                      Is it possible for mod programmers to modify the UI? I have a feeling this really is the interface we're getting, and the community will have to write their own interface if we want one half as comprehensive as the old UTs we're used to. I have no ability to program, but I'd offer my art and design skills if such a project were undertaken. I can't stand to see this interface on the PC UT.


                        Don't add holy **** and flak *****... those are so cheezy only a 12 year old would care about them.


                          Originally posted by zenwretch View Post
                          I'd like to think there is a bloody civil war raging right now inside of Blizz headquarters...
                          Wrong developer, lol.


                            Honestly there's nothing wrong wit hth e control of the vehichles. Tap turns if you want to turn slower and handbrake (duck) to spin on a dime in a hellbender or scorpion. It's just practice. But those with controllers will give us PC types a very very hard time, I wouldn't be at all surprised with the excellent control they'll have.

                            p.s. as for the interface, I reckon we'll be using x-fire or such like to join servers directly and bypassing the whole ingame server browser. I agree- the silence is deafening


                              I have only two game play issues, one I can live with is the flak trajectory.

                              The other which seems to get worse by the day is Stinger primary over longer distances vs infantry. This not a DM issue as the distances are not that great but on larger and more open maps this thing is so overpowered its a bad joke.


                                Originally posted by Draco View Post
                                10. the hell bender MUST be fixed as well, the rear turret on the hell bender is weak, for the hell bender to be what it was, a true strategic vehicle, something worth the space in the map, you must reinstate the old gun. A gun in which you could charge to create extra damage.
                                The hellbender turret still charges, it just does it automatically. The first shot does 100(?) damage, subsequent shots do less damage, I think the recharge takes about 4 seconds. So if you shoot at a raptor leaving four second intervals between shots, it will be destroyed in 3 shots (assuming you hit of course). If you simply hold down the fire button it will take many more shots to destroy it.

                                What the turret really needs is a charge bar indicating the current 'power' level of the turret. Then it will be the same as before except for the auto-charging & reduced damage.