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My homemade UT3 PC Cover

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    just looking at it I noticed how un-centered the name was on the spine and the dvd-rom should have been more to the right.

    Also, the Epic logo on the spine isn't in the right position. If you put that on the spine, it should be laying to the right, hence, if the dvd box was sitting on the desk with the backside downwards (touching the desk) the direction of the Epic logo should be pointing upwards. you have the three epic logos like this in your pic: ^ ^ ^ when it should be ^ (that direction on the back) -> (on the spine) , ^ that direction on the front.

    looks ok. looking at it a second time, i don't know! hahaha..i'm so dam tired.. i've seen them both ways before on cases...nice try anyways!


      Looks pretty good, somewhat professional


        Reminds me a bit of the UT2004 cover, which also had lines on the back. I think?? hehe.

        Unfortunately not a lot of creativity can be put into a custom cover when the art used is already created art by Epic. But it is well balanced in terms of the screenshots and text and logos. Though the excessive lines might make it a bit chaotic on the eye. Yet, a good attempt, especially since you are new to it. So a good eye


          Looks good. Only problem is that usually the text on the back describes the features of the game rather than the story.