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Things I think should be changed :)

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    Things I think should be changed :)

    Ive been playing ut since it came out. I'm a very experienced player especially when it comes to 1v1 :P. I started out as strict ctf instagib but then moved to weapons in 2k4 and realized how much skill it takes. Good memories back in 2k4. Here I will attempt to list the negatives on what I feel should be changed.

    The manta- Am I the only one who thinks that this thing should be changed? Its way to sensitive when it comes to turning so I find myself unable to dodge mantas sucessfully without getting run over while carrying the flag. The dodge doesnt cover enough radius to avoid the manta. I say make it slower to turn like In 2k4. It will suffice seeing how the dodge jump was removed in UT3. In 2k4 mantas were so easy to avoid due to the DJ.

    Flak Cannon- Why the hell does this thing look like the ball launcher from 2k4. Ugly piece of ***. And this thing feels way to weak. The secondary primary isnt strong enough. I have to throw like 4 flak balls back to kill an enemy chasing me.

    Shock rifle- Really hard to hit combos or maybe its my FOV. I played at 90 in 2k4 and it was easy to hit 3 combos at once. Here i have trouble hitting one in mid air . I guess I will have more customization when the game comes out. The radius of a shock combo doesnt seem to big and the hitbox seems to small to hit while in midair or doing a dodge. Stand still combos ftw.

    Vehicle control- WAAAAAY to sensitive. The hellbender and scorpion turn so **** easily.

    And last but not least the weapon withdrawal. For anyone here who played alot of 2k4 1v1 and had binds set, switching weapons after firing didnt seem to slow. In this game it takes a long time to withdraw my flak cannon after I fire one shot from my shock rifle or RL.

    Otherwise Everything feels fine I guess. I hope they add an option to change to the classic shock rifle model like in 2k4 . I really like the new rocket launcher model, link gun and stinger. The best though is the new sniper rifle. It looks good and feels good, I just think it should be slowed down a little.

    Anyways Ill definately be picking this up first day. For now I have to suffer by playing in pubs cause there arent any good duel servers to further heighten my 1v1 skills.