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    Installtion Question

    Why is that even though I specify a different drive letter for a different partition during installation, files are installed on my C: drive partition, and I run out of space? I have an 8GB partition setup exclusively for windows only (performace reasons - I am running a 37GB raptor and have another 320 GB drive SATA drive with 200GB free), and I do not want to have to allocate more drive space to be able to install this game. Are their critical files or something that are being installed onto my C: partition (maybe in the windows or system32 folder) that cannot be installed else where? If that's the case, then I really hope that this is not the same thing for the full version when it comes out. Thank in advance.

    I had the same issue. I have XP Sp2. I was running out of space on C:\

    What I did was change the location of the C:\Temp and the C:\TMP

    I changed mine to a drive which had an abundant amount of room.

    At your own risk, you can:
    Right click on the My Computer Icon on your desktop
    Choose "properties"
    Click the ADVANCED Tab
    At the bottom is the Environment variables.

    You can first copy and paste the TEMP and TMP original path locations first, to a safe text file. So if you ever want to set it back to where it was, you can without much trouble.

    I personally changed mine to another drive, like F:\TEMP and F:\TMP

    The Game should uncompress and load if your drive has above 2 Gig Free.



      You can install it to another location...I did. All my games or an another drive vice c:\
      Simply browse to another location when it prompts you.


        I am running Windows XP with Sp2 as well. Thanks so much for the info. I really wouldn't have thought about that, but good thing to know now. Didn't actually realize it installs stuff in the temp and tmp folder. I guess you learn something new everyday.

        I to have a seperate games/dump folder with plenty of space and that is why I was wondering what was going on. Seems as though games are getting super bloated these days and require alot of temporary space.

        Thanks again!