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Yet another "help me decide on the best PC upgrade" thread

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    I wish I knew...

    The 8800GTS 320 is so very very appealing with its low price and high benchmark results!

    But will it choke with the detail 5 textures of the retail game? Is it worth that extra 50e to get an 8800GTS 640...

    At the moment they are on par in the benchmarks, but what will it be with the retail. If only I knew. I'd still think the advantage of quadcore might be worth the 50e instead of the extra vram.


      Originally posted by DerelictMan View Post
      I toyed around with OC my CPU when I first bought it, but I discovered fairly quickly that I lack the technical skills and patience to pull that off.

      I suppose I could go for the Opteron 185 2.6GHz ($229), and pair it with a new GeForce 8800GTS 320M ($279), which would put me just a hair above my limit. But would this get me the steady 60fps @ 1280x1024 that I want?
      Maybe just upgrade the CPU for now and see how that improves things. Your video card is a very good one. You should wait for the real game, play it and then decide about the video card at that time. There are going to be price drops with both Nvidia and ATI bringing out new cards. ATI has finally brought out a decent driver as well, so best to wait until the benchmarks on the real game come out.


        Upgrade your CPU first....

        REMEMBER you should reformat your entire PC after your CPU upgrade.

        Its a pain in the **** but it will be more stable that way.


          Socket 939's are :< You're going to have to buy a new mobo, either socket am2 or LGA 775 motherboard. Any core 2 duo or any am2 4 series + should be able to run an 8800gts without bottle necking it.