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    Originally posted by nfleming View Post
    As far as new or innovative, did anyone expect that. It is an FPS after all.
    That is a good point. What else can be done in a games movement system that isn't going to be so absurd such that nobody plays it? The other approach is to add other elements, like Vehicles, Nodes, etc etc to bring fresh appeal to what is a very simplistic type of game underneath all the trimmings.

    Basically a FPS boils down to running around shooting your opponents. The 'other' elements are what have a larger impact on creating a new 'style' of game imo. Take CTF for instance, this places the focus of the game on the goal being the flag capture. At the heart though, it is still about fragging because that is how you achieve the goal. The frag count though, is of less importance than the caps.

    What I am getting at with all this is that I think there is very little that you can do to make a solid movement system 'better'.