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Regarding the InstaGib mutator

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    There were team color beams in UT as well. Just as a customer mutator. Saw it used in euro servers quite a bit. Like others said, these are mutators you can turn them on and off. I remember playing low grav, translocator instagib in UT as well.

    As for team boosting. YES. Definitely. It required teamwork and skill and I'm all for that.
    Stoneco|d sounds familiar =) US? NoYcC?


      lol no i was never in NoYcc. That was another stone. I am the original one from back in $iK.


      that one.


        Instead of blaming the lackluster North American IG community entirely on the game itself, perhaps we should talk to some of the Euro IG community and see what they did different that allowed IG to thrive much better than ours.
        I'd say + public servers which have the same rules as clanbase rules. No zoom, no teammate boosting, no force respawn either (a shame tbh but im used to it.), no friendly fire, no colored beams, and safegame ofcourse safegame.
        ( )


          Originally posted by Apathy View Post
          Coming from the Unreal Tournament 1 IG community, I think I speak for a lot of people from there when I say this. (Or I simply may not speak for a lot of them) who knows lol.. Why it's called a discussion board

          The Super Shock Rifle needs to do lots of damage and enemy needs to ****ing explode. Falling over like they got light headed, while maybe losing a leg is not cool. InstaGIB, not InstaFaint, or InstaFall-over.

          Team boosting hopefully will make a return form UT1. It was not only cool, but incredibly useful. It was used a ton in the IG community in UT1 and I'm hoping and praying this does make it's return! Please!!!!

          Team colored beams is a definite no-no. IMO, this was also a pretty bad idea. You should always have to be alert.. That doesn't happen when you're on blue team and all you see is blue beams. Now, if all beams are the same color, you're always alert. The orange beam also just looks and feels better IMO.. I also feel as if I'm playing laser tag with team beams.

          Zoom function has no place in IG. Keep it UT1 and keep it fun. Zooming in Instagib was considered a **** hack in UT1 and I almost **** myself when I found out that Zoom was a normal function in UT2003/4.

          Translocator is also a no go IMO.. We didn't need one in UT1.. We had to fight our way in and fight our way out. While I have no problem with the Translocator itself, I just don't think it's for IG.

          The UT3 menus are less than desirable and I really don't know what you guys were thinking with that one. Even with the less than desirable menu system atm, the game itself is getting mostly great reviews, because the core gameplay ****ing rocks. UT2003/4 got "This game is ok" feedback. UT1 was also praised.. You see my point?
          Please Epic?!?!?

          I want to play UT IG again...

          1300+ screens:


            Oh, how is this thread even relevant.

            So you don't like coloured beams....uh....what can you possibly have against coloured beams. It helps people distinguish the teams better and it's easier to know what's going on....which is sorta what CTF is about....? shrugs

            You don't want a zoom function? Uh? It's really fun to play Ictf with zoom functions, there has always been the option to turn it on/off server side in UT2k4, so I don't get the problem here either.

            You don't like the translocator? Ok fine, again, play on a server that doesn't use it. What's the problem??

            If ppl are gonna complain about instagib modes, please make it more important that the fact that you don't like coloured beams lol =/.

            Maybe you never played Ut2k4 or even Instagib a lot? But those options are just a simple toggle on / of on your settings or on the console on the server.


              I don't see much problems in having the options of zoom and all since I already know most people don't want to use them for clan wars, simply because zoom instagib is way too powerfull in open maps, I never really liked team colored beams either and in the beginning when some people made it for ut99 I even had trouble aiming with it but that's just practicing and you'll be alright.

              I AM greatly disappointed you can't really boost anymore with it and would like to see that come back


                Originally posted by Apathy View Post
                No offense to community IG mods and what not. Your efforts will probably be a great and like by a lot of people. In my own stubborn opinion, it would be better if it was done by Epic themselves the first time, so we don't have 9000 different version of IG trying to be the players choice
                I've played many mutators made by the community trying to bring the feeling of the UT1 Instagib mutator back. Most of them are loaded with tons of options to try and suite everyones needs, but it just didn't happen. Sometimes options are a great thing, but other times it's better to stick to what worked and to not fix what's not broken.
                Why won't options work? are you another one of those people that want to impose what you deem to be "fun" for everyone else?


                  Just an FYI, when you gib someone in Instagib, you _really_ gib them. They explode and there is blood everywhere. You even see body parts. I have seen a fricken human _heart_ bounce around after killing someone.

                  I agree zoom should be disabled in Instagib, and there should be no Translocator, though I see the TL being there for CTF. I'm a fan of team-colored Instagib though.

                  BTW it's an outright lie that there was no USA IG community, but it probably wasn't as big as the Euro one. It sure as hell didn't die 6 months after UT2k4 came out.


                    Originally posted by Taboen View Post
                    Those things are all optional. I play UT2k4 insta without zoom and without translocator on publics, pickups and clanbase. In UT3 this will also be optional. Some people actually like the zooming, translocator. And maybe even team-based beams will become optional but I don't think so tbh.
                    what my men taboen said.

                    ladder/cupadmins will set their rules.