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Zhou's hoverboard tricking thread with full guide

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    Zhou's hoverboard tricking thread with full guide

    Zhou's super-duper hoverboard tricking thread \o/


    1) General board tricking including basic walkthrough:

    2) Advanced hover-jump bug tricking:

    Compiled tricks Guide:

    Basic tricks:

    On board:
    WASD - movement
    space - jump (can't grab using this type of jump)
    C - crouch jump (added height)
    Left mouse button (on ground) - grapple (needs friendly vehicle nearby)
    Right mouse button (on ground) - Rotate camera around you (there are limitations with this, check later notes)
    Left mouse button (in air) - frontside grab (board grabbed in front of the body with both hands)
    Right mouse button (in air) - backside grab (board grabbed behind the body with one hand)
    A (when about to jump) - prepares to spin to the left when crouching to jump
    D (when about to jump) - prepares to spin to the right when crouching to jump
    A A (on ground) - dodges to the left (like on a snowboard)
    D D (on ground) - dodges to the right (like on a snowboard)

    Off board:
    space then q immediately - My very own little hoverboard jump bug ^_^, will give about twice the height of a double jump when done correctly


    On board:
    hold C, hold A, release C, release A - 360 turn to the left
    hold C, hold D, release C, release D - 360 turn to the right
    hold C, hold A, release C, release A, hold LMB, release LMB - 360 turn to the left with frontside grab
    hold C, hold D, release C, release D, hold LMB, release LMB - 360 turn to the right with frontside grab
    hold C, hold A, release C, release A, hold RMB, release RMB - 360 turn to the left with backside grab
    hold C, hold D, release C, release D, hold RMB, release RMB - 360 turn to the right with frontside grab
    hold C, release C, tap LMB, tap RMB, tap LMB, tap RMB - "shuffle" (switching from frontside to backside very fast to produce a movement like a shuffle)
    When landing in water, press q to unequip your board just before you hit the water. If you land in the water with the board on your feet you inevitably crater on the lake bottom, losing a lot of health.

    Off board:
    equip impact hammer, hold LMB, aim at feet, release LMB *and* jump at the same time, tap q immediately after - Impact hover-jump bug for the same height provided by jump-boots


    This, as has been discussed before, is an **** to do properly. I reccomend using the barrier sections on the bridge as in my video for learning. Essentially with grinding you have to get three different things right:

    1. Angle of Approach
    -I estimate the best course to be about 10 degrees off from the rail, but its not an exact science, other approaches may vary with success.
    2. Jump height
    -NEED to use space not C to jump. If you use c you will get too much height and go over the rail, when you use space you are just the right height to clip the end of the board onto the edge of the rail and slide along.
    3. Board rotation
    -What you are looking to do when grinding is to "clip" the very end of your board onto the edge of the rail in such a way that you can maintain a grind. Underneath the end of the board there is a small circular part, this is the place you want to grind on, the sweet spot, so to speak. It is possible to do a grind using the longer edges/back of the board, but the front grind is the most newbie friendly so ^^. To "clip" the front of your board to the rail you need to jump then rotate only a few degrees towards the barrier. Too few and you will not get on it but just continue a straight jump. Too many and you will land on the top of the barrier.

    Ok, so for your first grind attempt line up with one of the barriers so you are about ten feet/3 metres away from the end of the barrier so that the barrier is on your left.
    Then start to accelerate towards the barrier, angling in so you will become parallel to the metal part of the barrier (the stone lump at either end juts out a little and if you catch it you will be knocked off course). For the purpose of this walkthrough ensure the barrier is on your left as you approach like in the picture here:

    When you get to the barrier jump with space then turn slightly to the left using A (not mouse). Just hold the key for a few moments to ensure you clip onto the rail using that little front part of the underside of the board like in the pic:

    You should land on the rail just after the apex (top point) of the jump. Try and maintain the grind for as long as possible until the bollard (big lump of stone) bumps you off at the end of the rail.

    Congratulations, if you have persevered and been pretty lucky, you will just have ground in UT3 ^_^. If not then turn around and try again, grinding is hard. If you manage to maintain a grind for even one second you are doing well, if you go beyond that its really impressive.

    Miscellaneous notes: Falling vs jumping, camera rotation with RMB and Behindview:

    Falling vs jumping:
    Yes, falling and jumping *are* different. The best place to note the difference is simply jumping/falling off the bridge into the water.

    Jumping: jumping off the bridge before you reach the edge with either C or SPACE enables full control of your board including spin and grabs.

    Falling: falling straight off the edge gives you no control over board grabs but does allow you to turn using a/d or mouse view.

    The limitations of camera rotation with RMB:
    1) Point of rotation. The camera can be rotated around with RMB and mouse movement in a full 360 axis of movement. However, the point of rotation maintains the same distance from the camera at all times. This is not a big problem when stationiary as the camera maintains the same distance from the player at all times. However, when moving the camera zooms out to allow a greater field of view and brings the point of rotation with it.The point of rotation when stationary is approximately the right shoulder pad, which gives a nice view of the character in rotation. However, this means that because of the zooming out camera effect when moving the point of rotation is shifted to the left shoulder pad, giving a different rotation around the player character, focusing about one foot from the player character's face:
    This isn't neccesarily entirely negative, but personally I would prefer a full rotation at a fixed distance around the centre of the character given the choice.

    2) Jumping/falling. When you jump or fall camera rotation around the player doesn't work. Instead, holding RMB and turning the mouse will result in the player character turning in that direction when falling or performing a backside grab and turning in that direction when jumping

    Behindview: Behindview can bug with hoverboard use. If you are unlucky then when equipping the board in behindview your character will appear to float about a foot above the board. I reproduced it by performing a impact hover-jump bug in such a way that I hit my head on one of the bridge supports and landed in the bugged state. Mildly humorous pictures follow:
    Riding along:
    Crouching to jump:
    Landing a jump/limboing:

    Thanks to:
    Entropy - revealing RMB camera rotation
    Entil'Zha - giving me the idea to combine the useful parts of the thread into a big guide
    Everybody who has watched, commented or provided feedback on the vids/thread

    very cool! downloading it right now and i didnt know there were more tricks than just C+left/right!

    maybe they shouldve used the time they put into these tricks for adding options to the menu


      thats pretty sick


        It should display achievement of what youve performed, like how many rotations you did or fall length. Like you see in GTA.


          i thinks theres a thread about this....about the hover board tricks....


            when jumping from those great heights, did you have god mode on? or did you use that *bug* where you dont take damage if you hide the board just before you hit the water? :P


              Haha that was awesome!


                No god mode ^^, and for some I jumped off the board before I hit the water, for others I didn't


                  I see a Skater conversion in the works


                    *Added the gametrailers link and bumped for great justice


                      dude, thats awesome , nice 1



                        BTW am I the only one here that gets the urge to grind the thing in the middle? Would be sweet... it's just so Tony Hawk Pro Skaterish, a blatantly clear place to grind... and those suspension bridge wires too...


                          haha, I did have a go but grinding anything in midair is a real ****** to do. Grinding seems to be more of a bug than a feature unfortunately ^^


                            can you add a list with all keyboard commands for this tricks + name?


                              nice vid and tips, great job