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Some fairly serious disappointments

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    Some fairly serious disappointments

    One hates to be harshly critical of what represents years of hard work for dedicated people, but sometimes one simply has to.

    To wit, whatever possessed you to license Gamespy code? Were you perhaps sitting around ingesting powerful narcotics in the office one day when someone (no one remembers who) said, "Hey, we have a functional, tested, proven server browser functionality which has satisfied hundreds of thousands of demanding customers for many years. Let's outsource a core competency, and license someone else's obsolete, second rate, underperforming ****! I'm sure our users won't mind being unable to determine just what their actual latency to a server is." ?

    Was that it? The powerful narcotics? Or simple sadism, the same sadism that motivated the desire to lock players into one user name which must be uniquely registered, so that someone else can cybersquat on the handle they have been playing under for eight freakin' years? (Not that their friends will be on the same server to not-recognize them anyway, since every server displays either a ping of "0" or "109".)

    Do you perhaps not understand that your games are a social phenomenon for those who play them (much like communal ingestion of powerful narcotics is for you)? That gameplay and graphics matter very little if they cannot establish a consistent online identity, and play a well-connected game with others of their skill level who know them?

    I'm sad, because I wanted to enjoy this game, and to buy you more powerful narcotics with the money I would gladly have paid for it. But now I am reduced to hoping it doesn't remove too many of my gaming aquaintances from UT2k4. Because if I can't be Whisper, who I have been since the UT classic demo, if I can't find a server to be a regular on, if I can't get a decent ping, then I'm left with something technically tight, and graphically pretty, but empty of what really matters in a game.


    The ping and quick match problems aren't the fault of gamespy. They're the fault of Epic's server browser, which is being worked on and will be much more polished as time goes on. Don't blame things when you don't even know what you're talking about.

    As for user accounts, I think this is a great idea.

    Your opinion is your opinion, nothing more. Stop trying to say the game sucks and Epic is on narcotics. It makes whatever point you're trying to prove completely irrelevant.


      they are hept up on goofballs i tell you! maybe if i had some id see the big picture to!