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UT3 .ini Tweaking List (last update 23.1.08)

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    Awesome, thank you!!!!! WHAT a DIFFERENCE those settings made!
    @1920x1200 Maxed out, I'm getting 45-60 FPS (Vista Ultimate 32 bit)
    and the environment looks grewat, unlike that nasty looking **** it shipped out with. If I can retain a min of 45 FPS AND keep all of the eye candy, even better!


      my computer wont let me do that run my documents thing.....its weird since i'm on the admin....

      hmmm found the file i wanted with search i think.........weird hehe



        not need, add to your shortcut option -nomoviestartup,

        "C:\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\Binaries\UT3Demo.exe" -nomoviestartup


          Most awesome post! The game is playable now on my 7600GT. You Rock!


            Want to change your splash page? It's a bitmapped image that UT3 displays as the game loads up.

            Go to:

            C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\UTGame\Splash\PC

            1) Rename Splash.bmp to SplashBACKUP01.bmp
            2) Copy the .bmp image you want to use to that folder
            3) Rename that image to Splash.bmp
            4) Right-click on the image, and checkmark the file as Read-only

            As far as I know, the image should be a 24-bit bitmap. There seems to be no size limitation. I use a smaller image than the default one.


              Thanks for the info just removed the splash page. Is there anyway to remove the 'Buy now!' 'Exit' screen too?


                I've been hitting the tab and typing "exit" for so long, I forgot about that.

                Offhand I'd say no, as I've not seen anything about that in the ini files but I could be wrong, as I have not extensively looked. I looked just again at the UTEngine.ini file and didn't see anything about it.


                  Hey I tried these out and they helped me out a bunch. The menu even seems a bit faster. It doesn't look as good but I need to do some upgrades

                  Any more things to try?


                    Originally posted by Gorge View Post
                    Thanks for the info just removed the splash page. Is there anyway to remove the 'Buy now!' 'Exit' screen too?
                    You can type quit in the console and it would exit out right away. You can probably bind it to


                      Originally posted by Jungle+= View Post
                      Yes it does make sense. The way the engine works is that when the client/monitor needs a refresh of updated movement it takes the latest info on player & gunfire that it can get. If you have a 60 mhz monitor, and are only getting 50 fps...trhen it will at times use outdated info to show on monitor where the opponents and projectiles are. That means that at times the player will show on your screen somewhere other than where he really is.
                      With extra fps.... it will just ignore extra fps until it needs the next update. This way the latest update is always ready for the client/ monitor.
                      If your usung an LCD doesn't really matter anyway, your never actually seeing things in movement where they actually are.
                      LCD = ****.


                        you never see anyone where they actually are if you are playing online anyway.... LCD != ****.


                          VSYNC doesn't eat your frame rate, it syncs the frame rate at your monitors refresh rate to prevent video tearing.

                          Leave it on and set your maxfps smoothing to your refresh rate.


                            it's nice to see this thread back... hopefully someone will sticky something like this so we don't have to go searching.


                              We have a sticky with these tweaks and more over on Beyond Unreal.


                                Thanks go to MystiKal for figuring this stuff out and showing me

                                To change the names of pickups, weapons, vehicles, and change death messages

                                you need to go into the file in
                                C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Localization\INT

                                to do this you must change the files from being READ ONLY as well.

                                Example my custom Deathmessage
                                DeathString="`k |**GREEN SHAFT**| `o"
                                FemaleSuicide="`o shafted herself."
                                MaleSuicide="`o shafted himself."

                                Weapons Name

                                Vehicle Name
                                VehiclePositionString="in a Cicada"