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UT3 on a 7600GT -=VID=-

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    UT3 on a 7600GT -=VID=-

    Hi all,
    Spent some time recording gameplay footage of UT3 running on my system (for specs see sig). Its edited together, showing off overall graphics from all levels, bit of gameplay, frags, general muching around, etc from all maps in the Beta Demo. Its not intended to be a frag/wankfest video, so don't expect to see a great gamer at play.

    Bear in mind I had fraps capture the vids at 50% res to keep the size down, the game ran at 1680x1050. If you want to see the quality I recommend the larger file.

    Large file:

    Small File:

    Not bad, my in game framerate looks just a bit above the video's same resolution, everything max.
    Except for the vctf one, some reason that one runs pretty **** smooth.


      I'm happy at the moment with 25-30fps. I'm planning a major upgrade soon though.

      I'm sorta thinking of doing a more traditional frag-style vid, or maybe something more original - soon.


        You have like... the exact same as me... a 3500+ and a 7600GT, only you got 500 less ram than me.