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    No Random Teams ?!?

    Sorry I didn't play very much of UT2004 but a lot of UT99. In that last game, teams would randomize after each map in CTF. So why doesn't teams even up in the UT3 beta Demo ? I know this is still just a demo and it isn't the full game but I wonder why they didn't implement something to change and even up teams.

    This may look like ranting, I know, and I try to have the best sportsmanship I can, for you to know. [Not while drunk, though...] But here is my point: in the VCTF, it always end up on which team has the best players. Since teams don't change, the same team always win. It's fun to play, but not to lose every time. [If you end up on the wrong team while joining, that said]

    Then you would tell me to change team to that one so I can win? That's kinda lame. I don't like to play the cheapo-******* way. I'm not a god of UT3, [far from it] but I can still stand my ground. I think it's sad things end up this way.

    Or is it the top players who just select their winning team? I dunno. It's kinda hard to see how teams are made up or changed anyway [Unless I've missed something]

    Anybody feeling this way? Or would have something to say?
    Feel free; I'm open.

    So nobody wants to talk about it?

    Maybe I should get some eyes ??

    Whatever, it's ok.


      I also started a thread about this topic. I think randomization between games would be great.


        This is necessary. Playing team-games online sucks right now because of lack of team balancing. It's rare that you find two evenly balanced teams just working that way. It's usually slaughter.