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    Help with Random Spikes

    At first what I thought might be a problem with the demo turns out to be an issue of my own, so I'm moving this away from the important feedback forum.

    At random intervals during online play, I spike. My in and out packets and bunches (and a few other things) flip to zero and I have no idea what this is a symptom of or how to fix it. I'm running on wireless to a router a room away from me - is the wireless the problem? Or is this something else entirely, like RAM perhaps? Either way, I need a way to sort this out so I can stop facing walls randomly during fire fights or when I'm trying to make a fast getaway in a raptor - as it is, the random packetloss makes it impossible to Duel.

    Anyone with a bit of technosavvy able to help out a bit of a clueless nub?

    An easy way to check if its the wireless is to hook your pc directly to the modem; that is if its possible to reach the modem from where your pc is at =/

    On a related note early this morning this forum went down, and also the first and only game I could join had very bad lag. It took like 1/2 of a second from when I pressed a key to when it actually happened. After that game I couldn't join any other games, so I went to this forum to see whats up only to find the forum was down.