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    Fun/Funny moments

    So I was reading the thread "who else is horrible at this game" for emotional support on my sux0r skills, when a post reminded me of a funny moment...

    FYI I kind of suck at this game as it is my first time I've ever played a FPS online, so I put myself in training mode by doing team vehicle capture the flag on the suspense bridge. I figured by playing in a caputure the flag game my horrible deaths woudn't effect my team mates success... How wrong I was

    So I was on the suspense bridge and the red teams tank was aiming his guns at me. I tried to take cover behind the cables on the bridge and started running to the big pillars for better cover, however someone popped out of the door and shot a missle at me. Trying to dodge both the missle and the tank shooting at me I did the typical weave back and forth, but in doing so I fell OFF the bridge.

    I look around and relaxed as there were a few of my other team mates down here as well. I run to the island in the middle of the bridge to pick up the big OMFG nuclear missle; that motherTrucking tank is gonna GET his just you wait~~~~ I hop on my hoverboard and start towards the beach to get up to the enemy, but then my team mate speeds past me in one of those hover vehicles which I grab onto.

    My team mate heads straight for the enemy flag, and when we get there I hop off grabing the flag and making a run for it while my team mate continues to run over anyone in sight. Like an idiot I hop back on my hover board hoping for a speedy get away via the back where no one usually is, however before I can go even a second I get hit from the back and fall off my board....

    At this point it seems like everyone from the red team is running in to finish us off... The only thing stopping that red teams hummer like vehicle from running me over is my own team mates vehicle... I only have moments before its over... I look down... Press the button... BOOOOM In a deep voice I hear the words "Multiple Kills~~~" I take everyone out including my own team mate, but I don't care as I can't stop lmao just wondering what the red team was thinking after that mad rush to kill us

    Have some fun/funny moments? Please share them ^.^

    Something similar happens on almost every UT2004 public server every day - and its absolutely fantastic fun every time it happens

    Glad you're enjoying the beta demo And welcome to the world of online gaming!