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Something that helped me with performance

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    Something that helped me with performance

    Hello i just wanted to share soemthing that actually helped me with my performance.
    i have a AMD X2 3800+ ( s 939)
    2 gb ram ddr 400
    300 sata 1 hd
    Sapphire 1950xt 256mb overclocked at 675 core - 2016 mem

    i play the game at 1440x900 and everything on max, even V-sync
    The game runs just fine 45-60 FPS but from time to time it when playing with many bots it "lagged" ( dont know if that word exists .. my first language is spanish hehe)

    anyway... it seems that the problem can be fixed if you disable the page file i windows xp so that it loads everything in ram i guess... at least with 2 gb i had no problems at all..


    Alert: Noob enters the arena!

    Originally posted by tammuz View Post
    it seems that the problem can be fixed if you disable the page file i windows xp so that it loads everything in ram i guess... at least with 2 gb i had no problems at all..
    Hi, could you please tell me what excactly you ment by this? Actually
    I'm new to windows and just using it for games, so please tell me:
    Which file should i set to what?

    THX in advance!


      Hello, i will try to explain you, I am a linux user and only use windows for gaming too... the pagefile is like swapmemory, like the swap partition in linux but in winodws it is a file instead of a partition and its called pagefile.
      In order to disable it you have to go to: Control panel-->System-->Advance options-->Performance-->Advance options-->Virtual memory--> then you click " no pagefile or something like that ( it is in spanish in my windows)" and then you click "set"

      I hope this works for you too


        i dont know about that, no page file can cause instability. memory management faults need to use page file... And so do many other things.

        No page file = semi-frequent Blue Screen of Death in my experience. Some programs will actually refuse to run if you dont one also.

        Some of the structure of your page file could fragged if its causing you issues with it enabled, I would disable it then defrag then re-enable.

        Normaly fragged disk wont hurt a page file as the data that goes in to it doesnt stick around to get fragged - but the page file perminant structure can sometimes get fragged causing some nasty slow-downs when using the page file.


          Page file

          You want to be VERY careful about doing this - I'd recommend against it generally. There are programs like Perfect Disk which are safe and will defrag your page file and increase your general performance.


            Hello, yes probably is not the best solution but actually i have been using windows XP without pagefile for about 2 months now and i had no problem at all... the things is that I re enabled it the day before i installed the demo ( dont remember what for..) and then i forgot and run the demo with it enabled, but when i disabled it again the demo run faster.
            But maybe it is dangerous i dont know :S

            One more things.. i have been reading a lot about how the demo performs on other systems and i dont know but for some reason i feel that it should perform worse in my computer that it does... i mean i am happy it works this good hehe but it is weird


              You can do it, just keep your data backed up and your install disk(s) handy.