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    Originally posted by Devil_Spawn View Post
    human eyes actually see between 70-90fps, but most people cant tell the difference above 50-60
    I can tell a difference up to 120fps...above that I cannot. But I can definately see a difference between 100 & 120 fps during MED-HIGH mouse movement.

    And to the guy who posted the 25fps thing...what you are refering to is still video or something VERY close to it...with any motion 25fps is an entirely unacceptable framerate for fact, anything below 100 starts to annoy me after a while.


      Human eyes dont see in 'frames per second....' So saying they do is silly....

      Motion pictures are shot at 25 FPS to save on film and they use a blur feature between each frame in order to give a more fluid appearance...

      But eyes dont see in FPS.


        anyone that states that anyone can't see beyond 24fps is well.. stupid

        we can tell the difference between any number as long as it's large enough of a difference.... 40-60fps is easily seen.... 60-80 is easily seen, 100-150fps is easily seen, 150-300fps is easily seen....etc.....

        we don't see in FPS because it's a streaming constant light...

        The fact that 24fps was set as a standard.. was the lowest frame rate that people could tolerate and it appear to be "smooth" for theaters..

        ontop of that.. it was for costs as well, at the time, the standard was set... so that people didn't produce horribly slideshow like video and didn't put a whole lot into it.... and that a set value was set so that reguardless of the projectors used... it would play normally..

        Cost of each frame was horribly expensive..

        today with digital media.... the only thing holding anyone back is space available for the data.... which is growing rapidly.... that's why 60fps movies are starting to be considered....

        The New UHD standards are proposing that interlace being completely abolished... as well as a minimum frame rate of 50fps for PAL and 60fps for NTSC.....