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UT3 vs UT2K4

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    Originally posted by Shocky View Post
    Your a clueless noob if you think movement to is more importent in Quake, all you can do in quake is run, jump and rocket jump.

    In UT you can dodge, dodge jump, wall dodge jump, double jump, boost jump as well as run and jump. So in which game is movement more importent, yes UT!, NOT Quake.

    UT3 is nothing like UT99, anyone claiming otherwise does not know what there talking about, In UT the aiming is better, the movement is better, the weapons actually pack some punch and dodge is actually useful.
    Please stop before you make yourself look like an even bigger idiot.

    I've played UT, Quake 3, and UT2K4 extensively.

    UT2K4 movement is MORE like Quake movement than UT movement is... original UT movement is all about lateral/perpendicular motion. You dodge in a different direction than how you're running, usually. In Q3, it's all about bunny hopping and building momentum. The special movement is along the same direction as you are running. This is not included in any unreal.

    UT2K4 movement is more like quake movement than UT movement is... in UT2K4, you practically fly through the air, which is what I'd expect in a game of Quake, not in a game of UT.

    Sorry UT3 isn't what you were looking for. Believe it or not, UT2K4 is not the only Unreal. In fact, even today the 2K4 community is smaller than the UT community. Which of these won game of the year? Sorry that UT was before your time, but if you don't want to play, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU. Go play 2K4 and stop your whining already.


      Originally posted by Senji View Post
      I remember somebody posting about when UT3 comes out, all the 2k* will whine about the new gameplay. Coming from a background of UT99 --> UT2k4, I never expected to those words to be so true! I severely miss the dodge jump and i can't believe the other ppl are lapping this **** up, either i've gotten so use to 2k4 gameplay or UT3 is just no where near the same as UT99 as far as i can remember back then. Its similar for sure but imo its no where as balanced as UT99, you die ALOT easier than normal.

      Im' not sure if its my rig as I'm playing on super low settings right now but with constant 60 framerate. I donno, i just can't seem to enjoy the new weapons scheme and the movement doesn't seem to compliment the dodge.

      Weapons seem way overpowered, i coudl've sworn i found it easier to dodge the weaker weapons in UT99, but in UT3 it seems every weapon has a strong spammy feel to it - its almost impossible to get killing streak because every bunny hopping noob will still be able to bite a chunk of your health with ANY weapon. I can't help but wonder... am i playing a pc game or a friggin console?!

      To me UT was all about UNREALISM - i can go out gun blazing and rambo-ing any noobs without letting them touch me all thnx to the dodges(UT99) / dodge jump(UT2k4) and precise weaponry. But in UT3 u're better off just bunny hopping and focusing all your attention to killing [[; as fast as u friggin can coz dodging doesn't seem to help u at all except increasing the chance of jumping headfirst into a noob's spray of spam.
      finally some1 saying what the real thing is.
      and the speed of this game is much slower than ut2k4. dodging away to dodge a rocket or to do some exclusive jumps to reach some good areas of the map is just so impossible in UT3.

      not to forget the VCTF mode sux deeply. i have been playing VCTF online with ut2k4 for ages. and believe me:giving some1 a skateboard doesn't make the game VCTF. what the hell why even bother calling it VCTF if you can;t varry flags in a vehicle.

      as it look right now (and i'm not talking about bugs and graphics quality, but purely gamepley) i won't be buying UT3 but will be sticking to ut2k4. unless epic do something about the gameplay.

      epic gotta understand that compremizing two types of gameplay in the hope to achieve satisfaction of two groups of gamers will not lead to massive sales. but in the contrary lead to the hardvore fans not buying the game. they gotta make a choice, either you make a console noob game, or you make a game for the long time players.


        VCTF is a mod for UT2004. If you don't like Epic's take on VCTF in UT3, make a mod or wait for one. Yeesh.

        And for one, I like the movement in this new UT incarnation, and I like the type of gameplay that it will bring. The DM pub servers (especially the TDM pub servers) dried up much too fast after the new movement was introduced in the 2k series. There was a great skill disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots" (or "skilled" and "non-skilled"), and the "have nots" stopped pubbing in droves.

        So while the 2k series was nice for what it was, I'm hoping that this new take on Unreal will bring an active pubbing community. Clans and "pros" are great and all, but if games were designed for clans and pros, that's all that the game will attract.



          Too many flames, closing.