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Server Ports - Firewall Issues?

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    Server Ports - Firewall Issues?

    I am having trouble hosting a game on the internet?
    I have a Linksys wireless G router on comcast cable, I have opened port 7777 and put the system in the DMZ, yet others can not connect to my server via the internet? They can see my server in the browser, but it will not connect? Just hangs at 'connecting'?

    I am running Win Vista Home Premium 32, with Windows one care. No other firewall/virus software running.

    Is there some setting I am missing?

    I checked One care settings and it has allowed the game access to the net and I have also opened the port 7777 in the one care firewall. I can connect other pc's in my home to the game ok via LAN, and even thru the net, but others outside can not? Any help would be great!

    you need to set tcp 29900 and udp 27900 outbound in order to login

    to play, you pretty much need udp 1024-65535 outbound to list the servers properly...if you find a server you like, then you can set it to a specific udp port. since this is new, you're better off opening up everything to find a decent server. Once the game goes gold, you can see from server list which servers require which ports...then you can lock it down in your firewall.

    hope this helps