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    Please read before complaining

    Not only are you in the wrong place, as you should be here:

    But will all the people complaining about how bad the demo is stop and think for a moment?

    You are playing a beta. This demo was released so the public could give feedback, detect bugs, and give their opinions on balance issues. This demo isn't designed to sell the game, it doesn't even run on a lot of systems without spitting out errors.

    You threaten and rush Epic into giving you a demo before release, then they'll give you a demo - and this is what happens, you get unfinished code.

    Please, before ranting about how much Epic sucks (and blaming everything wrong in your life solely on poor old Mark) PLEASE try to word it diplomatically. Constructive criticism is more likely to be responded to than baby tantrums.

    My constructive criticism:

    Hitboxes: I find it harder than usual to hit things. I don't put it down to the speed (which is quite challenging) but the hitboxes. Something just doesn't seem right with the hitboxes.

    Difficulty: The scaling of the AI difficulty seems to skyrocket between Average and Skilled. On Average I can run round DM-Shangrila map claiming flawless victory on a 20 kill limit, but on Skilled (next up from Average) It's almost impossible to win the match.

    Other than those two observations, I find this to be the best UT yet. The weapons feel balanced (although rockets are a bit more useless against a moving target than usual), the graphics look excellent, and the kills are satisfying.

    Yeah many people still don't get that :|, they think the official ut3 game is going to be exactly like that


      *shrug* I've got no issues with the demo. Runs fine for me, Fun, fast and with some different play mechanics that are fun to learn. I think it's the people who are stuck in the box of wanting the same thing over and over and over again without change (remember the Transfomers geeks that almost died in their geekdom at Michael Bay's movie for every little change because it wasn't exactly like the campy 80's cartoon? Same thing here with this game. The Internet brings out the whiney baby in a lot of people.) If you guys haven't been in the UT forums for too long, then you wouldn't know that the EXACT SAME THING happenned with UT2K3 when it came out and UT2K4 when it came out. Shrug. You gotta learn to let them ***** about things because it's not the game they want and because they are so 1337, Epic's gotta do it their way. (Waaah! boo-hoo) You know the drill. Ignore `em. Pay attention to the better people in the community. It'll get exciting real quick once the full version gets out and the maps start coming out!