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Connecting to a server

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    Connecting to a server

    Anyone else having problems connecting to a online server?

    I can play against the bots,but it just "hangs" and eventually times out when connecting to any online server..anyone else have/or is having this problem?

    Yes, this is a known issue and it is being worked on.


      I actually played on a decent server, untill the darkwarker passed by and crashed my game lol


        Thanks Flak.

        Hopefully its soon,I wanna play against real people


          Cheers, Flak.

          If any devs reads this, I can recreate this 90% of the time connecting to Duel servers. 70% of DM servers work fine.


            I can't seem to connect at all. So, bots it is for now, which is okay with me.


              They came out with a 2003 Server patch today.

              I hoping we can get WebAdmin to work. We shall see soon.

              I am working with Tom of Vipers to get our 2k4 server switched over to UT3 Demo. Its been a lot of work and tired eyes.

              The Browser is not seeing the dedicated servers and I think Epic knows this by now. Can you please PM me so I can pass it on to the Dedicated Server Admins.

              To join a Server.

              To all Server Admin. Try to Advertise your Server IP.

              Example [name] open

              This way players that can not join through the UT3 browser can go to the Console ~
              type open the Server IP and hit enter.
              Example join

              Please note this is Beta and we are all trying to help make this game get Better.