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Need help installing!

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    Need help installing!

    Can anyone tell me the directory UT is saved to while extracting?

    It locks up at 99% completion, and that uses 1gig of space, *each time*.

    I can't find it so I can delete it, re-extracting just takes up more room, until it locks.

    So does anyone know the temporary file / directory it's saved to?

    Disk cleanup or CC cleaner also didn't work either. . plz help =) Thank you!


    I found out that you need about 2 Gig O' space free when trying to install.
    It typically will go to the "TMP" or "TEMP" folder to uncompress.

    I do not know how handy you are with the TMP and TEMP directory settings, but they can be changed to a drive that has more drive space free.

    Go to my computer and then Right click on the drive you are trying to install the UT3 on. It should have about 2 Gig free, MINIMUM. Typically WINDOWS will be s SLUG if you don't have at least 200 Meg Free after everything is installed.

    I am runing XP SP2 so I assume you might be as well. If not then this may not help at all.

    You can find the Temp/TMP settings:

    1. Right click on My computer and choose PROPERTIES.
    2. Under the Advanced tab there should be a Button called "ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES"
    3. At your own risk, you can change the location of the variables to a drive with more space. All I did was change the "C:\" to another drive and it worked fine.

    For example I could change mine to say F:\TMP and F:\TEMP

    The game should be able to uncompress and load.


      Ok well the default temp dir I think is at [ c:/Documents and Settings/*your account*/Local Settings/Temp ]
      You'll have to enable your browser to show hidden files and folders so you can access [ //Local Settings/Temp ]
      If you don't know what you're doing then I'd leave it.
      As for the installation file, its possible that its corrupted. So you might want to try downloading it again.
      Not too sure why you'd have to extract the files. Did you download a zip file or the installer ??
      Anyway hope this helps !!


        Thank you greatly for the response, I feel like I'm figuring it out, I got the files cleared, now I have to tinker with the installation to make it work . . but i think i got it =)

        Thanks again so much! ~