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I have a rant.

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    I have a rant.

    This applys to all newer games, UT3 being one of them


    Low gfx+New game= Lags on older machines looks really bad
    High graphics+Old game= No lag but looks a lot better then the new game at low.

    Why is this?

    Mabey I'm just talking poop.

    But just want to say.

    Although I love UT3 what ever any one says

    I wondered the same thing myself. But programming is all about compromises. If I were to take a guess, it's that video games have to make SO MANY compromises that if you're not using exactly the hardware it expects, it looks and runs terribly.

    I buy a new computer every two years. Every time I do so, 2/3rds of my games no longer run or run so poorly that I can't play them anymore. Why did AVP play at 2 FPS when I finally got AVP2 to run at a decent framerate? How come UT on my old box looked FABULOUS, but runs at 2 FPS on this one? (UT3 runs very nicely and UT2004 looks AMAZING on this computer)

    That's been happening at least for the last 16 years now, so I seriously doubt it's going to stop soon...Although I really wish it would :<


      It has everything to do with how many polygons/triangles are being rendered. On an older game, you may display, for example, 5000 polys in a frame. Running the textures on High will net you better a looking game, plus, a higher end system can render faster and perform better antialiasing. In the newer games, you may be rendering 50,000 polys per frame, thus no matter if you are running on a newer machine of not, low res textures are going to look rather bland. The number of polys being rendered affects how well your system can perform antialiasing, so there may be some hits in framerates if you turn up the AA/AF.