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can I turn off the billboards over players heads?

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    can I turn off the billboards over players heads?

    Same question as does a player with decent vision remove the unneeded billboards that hover over everyone's head? Ya know, the ones that have their name on them and look like they came from the Vegas strip or something. I've looked thru the ini and haven't found a setting for it, but I may have overlooked it.

    Also, there's these over-the-top lights that keep coming up on the ground after I respawn. Sure, I realize what the were intended for, but I don't need or want them. Is there any way to turn these off also?

    Grateful for any help.

    More game, less HUD clutter!

    Epic, please, please consider a minimal hud option. For those of us (however few we may be) who would prefer to play the game without all these hand-holding-tips flashing all over the HUD. They are not needed, and they are ugly. It's annoying to be constantly told by my computer how to play the game.

    We now have huge signs over the players heads. We have arrows flashing telling me how to leave my own base. We have "Fire Grapple Now!!" when on hoverboard. It's way too much.

    Please allow a HUD option for those who wish to play 'own their own'. I know my way out of base, I know when to fire grapple, I know what the red/blue skins mean. I know how to play already!! Enough, please.

    I feel the need to at least request this, because in UT2004 it was not even possible for modders to remove the triangles above the players heads (team beacons). At least I haven't seen it done yet. A talented coder came close very recently with a quickie mut for UT2004, when I mentioned this in IRC, but it still wasn't quite there.

    Sorry. Just bummed about the seemingly majority-accepted console-ish HUD, and feeling very whiny about it. Sorry about the double post. I'll throw up a HUD warning next time.