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Anyone else think UT3 is too Uncompetitive?

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    guys we cant **** on the game yet, i mean really from what i can see so far it looks like the problem is the mappers. They tried so hard to make a pretty game they didnt get the map funfactor down. Thats where the community comes in


      I'll just go through the criticisms one by one. This isn't addressed to anyone in particular, except where specifically mentioned.

      The core to the competative gameplay is there, in UT3. But naturally the third party community will build more HUD elements that are needed, and tweak things. Just as they did with previous UT's, and in other games.

      UTComp should be a third party mod, not something built in the game itself.

      It's dumb to have a clock in the game by default - that's something that needs to be there for competative tournaments, and that's something that will be enabled via UTComp anyways.

      Also it's the height of stupidity to expect there to be a clock for powerups. Super dumb. If you were a good player you wouldn't need one. And bad players won't be able to time, anyways. That's catering to n00bs posing as pr0s.

      Spectating is an option that can be tweaked by server admins. Some players don't like spectators because of the possible cheating that can include.

      Shield Gun? LOL! Let's leave that cowardly chapter behind. Most pros hate it, and most of the rest of us hate it too.

      I agree vehicles have no place in a 1on1. But no surprise UTcomp and/or mutators will take care of that.

      There's a large skill gap between new players and professionals, and it's not up to the game to sort it out. If you're really a good player, like you say you are, then you'll beat out a new player. End of story. Complaining that a n00b got a kill on you just shows you weren't that good to begin with. Deal with it.

      All the UT games have been easy to pick up. They've all been hard to master. The only issue that helps n00bs get a kill on pr0s is that weapons are more powerful. And honestly, they're between UT and UT2 strength levels. So, this is a true compromise, despite the whiners.

      The surfboard is an option to use on those large maps that are in vCTF and WAR that help to prevent vehicle-less players from being screwed out of the action. There's no reason to complain about it.

      There is a difference between competative player, and professional player. I'm a competative player, not a professional one, and 99% of the players are not pros. And it's dumb to cater to the pros at the expense of EVERYONE ELSE. And to top it all off, not all pros want to play a game that nobody else enjoys playing. So like it or not pros want to win in a popular game, not a niche game.

      Roulette makes a good point in saying that UT2 players now are their own "old school" group now. I think it's a bit hypocritical for them to complain UT1 players should get what they want when UT2 players want to get what they want. There is no false delimma here, where it's either one or the other. There's room for compromise. And so far Epic has made a great swing to appeal to everyone.

      One thing to note is that the main thing the UT2 crowd is complaining about is the lack of dodge jump. A lot of the other criticisms are easily solved via a fine-tuning of the game as well as retail release, and through third party competition mods like UTComp. A few are complaining about the shield belt, but the vast majority of players are glad that's gone. It's merely a case of a vocal minority clamoring for recognition.


        There is a clock in the game, you just need to turn it on.


          Ultron use quote other than that... yeah what he said

          Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
          There is a clock in the game, you just need to turn it on.
          I figured that might be in there, kinda like death messages are there too.


            Originally posted by Bloodcraze[M] View Post
            Vehicles in a 1v1? Ummm okay..... Whoever gets in the Vehicle first wins? Boy hard stuff there
            You thought that's a 1v1 map... LOL

            Originally posted by armagon917 View Post
            UT is about kicking *** and not pandering to the average gamer so they can have fun too.
            No, imagine that, someone having fun! NOES!

            Why don't you go play Warsow? Isn't that supposed to be your dream game?


              Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
              There is a clock in the game, you just need to turn it on.
              Microsoft can solve your problems:

              If its like my computer, Microsoft will crash all your computer programs you are using, at 30 second/minute intervals (or just when it feels like it) lose all your work, and forcing you to restart after installing updates that you knew nothing about

              (btw Krilli3 long time no see )


                I would also like to point the thread starter to

                Now the thread starter I have never heard of, these guys that posted in the aformentioned link I do know. Heh, come to think of it SLY was one of the biggest negative critics of the game before he got his hands on the demo


                  Originally posted by eduardvictor View Post
                  EPIC, don't listen to the l33t c0mp3t!t!v3 f4gzz0rz that don't want the others to have fun and want to live from your game...

                  You did a great job and i love the game
                  Agreed. Btw, for those who complain about the darkwalker, remember it's a DEMO, and there will be 20+ other DM maps WITHOUT vehicles, that's just a feature on this one. That's not gonna break your competition thingy, right?


                    they should add hit sounds again, i can never tell if i am hitting someone from far away with my turret


                      Originally posted by Bersy View Post
                      This thread says the original poster is wrong.

                      I said Good riddance to UT2004 the moment I first played UT3. 24 hours later it's only confirmed even stronger in my mind.
                      See, I was right about you...