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Anyone else think UT3 is too Uncompetitive?

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    Originally posted by Oddball View Post
    Easy to pick up the game? Why thats great, thats how the games are supposed to be: easy to learn hard to master thats what skill is all about.
    Yeah, I think you're right, I've gotta agree with you on that.


      This is only a beta. a lot of the thigns in the demo are not gonna be there in the final version.


        Originally posted by Bloodcraze[M] View Post
        I really think they failed on the part of making UT3 a CPL / WGL / GTGL type of game.

        The core is there but it just lacks the backing to go with the core I think.

        -No UT comp style of mod I thought they would of finaly just done what they made a mod for and put it in the game they came close with the "Duel" feature but honestly dosnt even come close to comparing with the UT comp was.

        -No Clock for 1v1 or TDM or DM by default? Uhhh No clock to time powerups? So now we have to go off of instinct granted its easy after awhile of playing but still to be perfect that makes great players great players is now gone ...

        -No specing to demo games for other players to watch? Kinda odd

        -No special use of a weapon to greater improve your chance at a kill or no kill (Shield gun for sheild and for shield jumps)

        -Vehicles in a 1v1? Ummm okay..... Whoever gets in the Vehicle first wins? Boy hard stuff there

        I just feel as if they made this game too much for the normal everyday gamer and not the real hardcore gamers / clans that kept UT99 / UT2K3 / UT2K4 still running today... Anyone else see that or is it just me?

        YES! THey totally PUSSIFIED this game for the noobs.. what a big mistake epic dudes...I know you want this game to play equally for everyone, but this is why UT has always been a cut above other games..It had the dodging, altern. firing, etc. It was super fast paced. If you want to be good at it, you gotta learn how to master the game. UT has always been the number 1 FPS game on STEROIDS and SPEED !!! You guys pussified even the manta! wtf. This game is like grandpa pushing himself on a stroller walking through town vs. 2k4. I can't believe you would do this to such a great game as 2k4. wow.


          I have to agree on the darkwalker. It's just annoying.

          If I wanted to play item collection, I'd go buy WoW. FPSs should be about shooting.


            I can just see the noobers spamming it up big time with the darkwalker. This and the surfboard are the two vehicles that seem very out of place in UT.

            Surfboard reminds me that i'm watching Back to the Future...

            Darkwalker reminds me of Tom cruise carrying that little b#tch in his arms running from the martians in War of the Worlds...


            Epic you actually took a few steps forward and fumbled back 5 in the process...


              Originally posted by fuegerstef View Post
              I would have thought a competitive gamer will look at the settings and find "Show Clock" between the very few options this game in it's current state gives.
              Yeah no **** hey fueg

              Also I thought the Q4max styled ammo pickups were more comp orientated then casual play, although it helps both. The skins as well are really good, not over bright but bright enough people shouldnt be complaining.

              I just felt this game could be more competitive then 2k4 because of its balancing. While some people dont think Epic is supporting the comp community I think this demo shows otherwise myself. Sure things have been streamlined but I dont think this makes it less competitive.

              Id have to say, give it a decent shot first. I kinda agree on the vDM myself but Im **** sure there will be a novehicle mutator which will be on those servers where comp people frequent.

              It'll get there, I just think starting a topic like this will drive the competition away not nurture it like what you should be doing!


                For those who don't think UT3 is good for the competitive community, see this thread...


                  Uhh. I think UT3 seperates the men from the boys **** well untill you put vehicles into the mix. Not all maps have vehicles though.

                  I mean ****, i'm taking on 3 people at once.

                  They're all aiming ****ty, moving ****ty, not knowing how to dodge right, almost completely missing me while i kill them each in just 1 rocket.


                    Dunno what are you talking about, this is just a BETA DEMO. And I still agree with Freeform.


                      Uh .. Never in my long sad history as a forum poster have I seen a sadder post than the OP - and most of those who agree with him.

                      - Complaining about missing features that are In The Freaking Menu (Clock) but he wasn't able to find it ?
                      - Complaining about the Darkwalker in DM-Heatray - Well, don't play that map, then ! Problem solved.
                      - No special use of weapons ? The shieldgun is gone, yes, and that is a GOOD thing. I would think any competitive player (by their own claims) would cheer at the shift from defensive gameplay to offensive
                      - Complaining about no spec'ing ? It's a freaking DEMO. UT99 had spec'ing, UT2003 had spec'ing, UT2004 had spec'ing - and you seriously think it's not going to be in UT3 ?

                      Originally posted by Bloodcraze[M] View Post
                      I just feel as if they made this game too much for the normal everyday gamer and not the real hardcore gamers / clans that kept UT99 / UT2K3 / UT2K4 still running today... Anyone else see that or is it just me?
                      Newsflash: 'competitive' players are just a few % of a game's audience. It's the average, social, casual player (like me, and just about everyone I know, even in my clan) that fuel a game's success.

                      Even so. It might be that this game won't be on all those tournaments you listed. Might be that it is. I, for one, would wait and see what the final product is like before moaning and complaining like this. But, that's just me. Feel free to ignore me, I'm 'just' a casual player, after all - and therefore not worthy of having a game I can enjoy, as well.


                        Couldnt agree more with Lert


                          Am I the only one who kind of scared that Epic would listen to people who have nothing else in their lives but obsessively playing videogames? They try to pass of their opinion as the a and o (brightskins just being one example) and talk like they have any saying in the success of the game.

                          Hope Epic has the common sense to listen to the majority of their customers, and not to a VERY loud majority who labels everyone but them "noobs" and calls the game "pussified" because it's not exactly as they want it to be.


                            Originally posted by Contra View Post
                            ..not to a VERY loud minority who labels everyone but them "noobs" and calls the game "pussified" because it's not exactly as they want it to be.



                              This game just doesn't feel finished... :|


                                EPIC, don't listen to the l33t c0mp3t!t!v3 f4gzz0rz that don't want the others to have fun and want to live from your game...

                                You did a great job and i love the game