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    Guys, Heater is trolling, move along, nothing to see.

    We'll see a) some higher rez textures in the retail game b) some more rendering options for higher quality settings and c) Oblivionbringa is right in that larger textures won't neccessarily mean a significant performance drop, unless you were close to some memory limit with the lower rez textures, but beyond that threshold with the higher rez textures. But an 8800 is a slammin card and should have no problem with it.

    I'm running the game at the highest settings the demo will allow, on my X1850GTO and it runs about 20+ FPS in fight scenes, and it's really nice looking. I can't believe I am finally playing the demo.


      Last 2 posts, I wasn't just thinking 'high res' textures, I was hoping for some more advanced options like AA (at least for cards that CAN do it in UE3 like mine), extra effects, world detail (ergo Polygons/geomtry/meshes/particles/billboards/vegitation) that's all gonna add up and give me quite the hit!

      If they don't add AA then I can use it via the drivers (As I am now) and I get 1/4 hit on 4XAA (rough estimate), combine that with the stuff in my last paragraph and I would expect a decent hit because that's how it's happened on my other games (though I admit they don't do things quite the same as UE3 does them).

      Of course that's assuming Epic put in those extra eye candies.. if it IS just 'large textures' then sure, my 768mb video ram isn't going to care too much.

      However, I would hope for a few more settings other than just 'higher textures' but as I said in the original post, I would expect that hit if it had the quality *I* wanted/expected from the full version (not just textures).


      edited to put in what AA I was currently using that gave me a 1/4 performance hit (ROUGH ESTIMATE!!!)


        wow can you morons be any stupider.. to the idiot that says that these look like 90's graphics.. the poly count on a single weapon is more then the entire unreal 1... can you not see that or are you blind?


          The real full game will have better graphics, and more res options


            Originally posted by Girn View Post
            wow can you morons be any stupider.. to the idiot that says that these look like 90's graphics.. the poly count on a single weapon is more then the entire unreal 1... can you not see that or are you blind?
            Who are you talking to?

            We are all aware that this is a beta with intentionally restricted graphics, the only one who isn't aware is the original poster so 'morons' doesn't apply.

            Don't misconstrue my posts as whining please, they were slightly off topic discussion about what performance to expect in the full game with all the quality options.

            And either way, I think the graphics right now are pretty sweet (on the right system):

            Max Settings
            'Intense' Post Pro (to bring out colour and clarity)
            Brightness reduced (to stop it looking so washed out)
            2XAA (forced in drivers by renaming your beta.exe to bioshock.exe - GF8 cards)

            Looks frickin sweet to me, so the full game can only get better


              Originally posted by Oblivionbringa View Post

              increasing the texture resolution does not affect the rendering performance at all. Your performance in the full game will be exactly the same with the full resolution textures.

              In some game engines if the amount of textures in the scene exceed the amount of video ram you have then this could cause an instant performance drop due to thrashing, however in ue3 this is less likely to happen because of its texture streaming technology, so basically if you put the texture resolution up more than your video card can handle, then the textures will not fully stream in, and you will simply see them being displayed at a lower mip level.
              I know my original posts sounded dumb, I do actually program Direct 3D stuff (though most fixed function pipeline stuff still) myself so should have known to not post unless I wanted to get specific... it was a throw away comment, thanks for the useful highlight for people reading though as my posts could be misleading (i've edited them to hopefully clear that up). Basically my 'vision' of 'the quality I wanted' in the full game would be allowable antialiasing, more geometry, higher poly character models, more effects, decals, billboards, particles and all that. Which is why I said with all that combined It would give me an 'acceptable' hit in performance which my system could/would happily take. I put it just after my sentence replying to the OP about texture size limits in the beta and so it seemed I was refering to texture size causing that hit.

              ...and yes, most of the things I mentioned (ie 'extra' particles and effects) are a numbers/procedural thing in code rather than more physical assets that were left out for file size... so I guess what we have is pretty much what we get (apart from the textures and content), but I still like to dream of MORE advanced options and MORE world detail, even if they were intentionally restricted in the demo (not for filesize like the textures were).

              Oh and it's 6am here i've been up all night messing with the demo so please allow for my lack of sleep



                Hello Covery,

                I agree with you, the graphics are really bad. I expected a lot more detail. I hope it looks extremly better under vista. The deffered shader is really a bad thing for Windows XP.


                  Honestly I dont care what options you put in this on the release the graphics really could be better. They were crazy back when the Unreal Engine 3 was out but now its subpar. If you want to see real graphics go look at the Call of Duty 4 demo. I personally hate that type of FPS but the graphics are 10 fold better then UTs.


           (note theres no high res textures in the beta but the screens were taken at max).