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    Well i am having similar issues as Banshee, I am using win2k3 and firedaemon service manager to start the server. The server starts up and appears in the server browser but the description command doesnt work it only shows the login name and nobody can connect to the server. Ill post my command line below, i have noticed that there are 50 or so servers with the same issue in the browser so Matt or whoever please tel us what you are using to allow people to connect.I also added the bisDedicated command this was the only way i can get the server to list as dedicated in the browser but did not help with the connect issue.

    server DM-HeatRay?numpublicconnections=24?bIsDedicated=True? gamemode=0?goalscore=30?timelimit=30?serverdescrip tion=KillerInstinctDemo?game=UTGame.UTDeathMatch? -multihome= -port=8888 -login=kiserver -password=XXXXX


      Make sure your ports are opened up and there is a post here that might help a little.


        i am having the same issue as villain


          Nice Will check out later

          I only replied just to have it in my email when someone else replies.


            me getting around 160, I live in Norway... im on a LAN right now with 700 people...
            all the UT3 servers have 100ms++... thats totally u8nplayable everything is jumping around... i hope it gets better when i come home :/


              Originally posted by MattMan View Post
              Make sure your ports are opened up and there is a post here that might help a little.

              That thread is retarded they start a thread like they are gonna be helpful and then lock it nice..... But i read that before i saw this going, and using the command line that they are suggesting the server doesnt even show up in the browser. As far as my ports go i have my firewall disabled and i set the server port to the default ut2004 port because i know that those work but still the same issue. Any ideas???


                getting the multihome to work

                in order to start a dedicated server with the multihome parameter, i had to add my public ip adress to my lan adapter in the advandced tcp/ip settings

                by doing so the server starts and doesnt show the error:
                Log: Failed to listen: WinSock: binding to port 7777 failed (10049)

                i've monitored traffic with wireshark and it seems that only UDP port 7777 is required.

                i don't know yet if my server is reachable but i hope this helps.



                  Well I couldn't for the life of me get the server to run with the basic setups I see people using. Kept getting error about "could not initialize game that hasn't been started" then UDMP Socket Closed.

                  So I started the server from the in-game menu, and when the server console started, I copied the full command line and Boom.. it works great!

                  UT3Demo server vCTF-Suspense?MaxPlayers=24?MinNetPlayers=0?NumPublicCo nnections=24?NumPrivateConnections=0?NumOpenPublic Connections=24?NumOpenPrivateConnections=0?bShould Advertise=True?bIsLanMatch=False?bUsesStats=True?b AllowJoinInProgress=True?bAllowInvites=True?bUsesP resence=True?bAllowJoinViaPresence=True?bUsesArbit ration=False?bIsDedicated=True?bIsListPlay=False?O wningPlayerName=?PingInMs=0?AverageSkillRating=0.0 00000?GameMode=3?Difficulty=7?PureServer=1?LockedS erver=0?VsBots=1.5000?Campaign=0?ForceRespawn=0?Cu stomMapName=vCTF-Suspense?CustomGameMode=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTF Game_Content?GoalScore=4?TimeLimit=20?ServerDescri ption=000?NumPlay=3?game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCT FGame_Content?name=YourName?alias=YourName -log=DedicatedServer.log -Login=xxxx -Password=xxxx
                  There may be quite a few options that I don't need but it works for sure like this. The Server Browser linking works too, at least I saw it. Still waiting to see if other find it.

                  Server: KamdyLand (ut3://


                    hey mattman, in cincinnati here!


                      I see the problem. its the multihome switch that was causing my problems. It doesn't work. Don't use it