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    I've tried turning off Firewalls, opened all ports etc and still won't be able to host a game. I've noticed that iam not alone about this.

    So there is something wrong with the networking, fore sure.
    What doesn't make it easier is that there are players who are able to host games, but they're few though.

    Iam using Win Vista 64bit and i've disabled the Windows Firewall, i've also disabled Notron Antivirus 2007 firewall and my D-Link gaming router DGL-4300 where i opened ports which are 7777
    I've also tried the DMZ function to set my computer outside the router as last resort which didnt work. My friend was still unable to connet to my server.

    So Practically I tried everything u can imagine about network settings to enable hosting.

    Let me know if you admin need any specific details on my system for additional help in solving this.

    thank you