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Online problems? Here's a good reason.

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    Online problems? Here's a good reason.

    I've seen far far to many posts about high pings and trouble finding servers.

    As of this moment there is no linux or win2k3 support. (although the win2k3 problem may be new to them, at least it seemed that way to Joe Wilcox)

    For those of you who don't know, those 2 are used most for game server hosting. Which means most of the game centers are unable to host dedicated servers.

    What many of you are having problems with is the guy that checks the server option on his/her machine in their house. DSL or Cable connections. Not to mention the boxes these folks are hosting from may not be the high end machines you would see in a data center.

    Since this is a beta demo (that's confusing because I thought all demo's were beta) Instead of screaming ZOMG TEH ONLINE SUCKS AND SO DOES THIS GAME!!!!!11eleventy! perhaps a modicum of of restraint should be excersized. (flak is going to chuckle at that last sentence... I digress)

    The demo is a way to gauge how the game will be played on a myriad of systems. There WILL be problems. Explain those problems in the most clear and consice manner possible.

    Oh and Dear Epic.... lets get it working for win2k3 at least