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Quadcore worth it?

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    Quadcore worth it?

    Alright I actually have 3 questions, one of which is mentioned in the title. Any answers are greatly appreciated!

    1) I started looking at how to upgrade my PC now that UT3 is on the horizon. Last time I looked into this stuff was when I got a new PC for UT2k4 so I'm not *exactly* very up to date on what's been happening. So I was wondering if it would be worth getting a quadcore or just dualcore processor? Apparently current games don't really take advantage.

    2) My current setup is the following:

    Barton 2800+
    ATI x850xt OC
    1024 ddr400

    Any chance this would run UT3 even on low settings?

    3) Now I've been eyeing the following for an upgrade:

    Nvidia 8800GTS 320
    E6750 Dualcore
    *and some motherboard, any recommendations please?*

    Thanks for reading this far. I'm 100% I used to have an account on these forums when the ut2k4 demo came out, but there was no way I could find it anymore Ah well, back to being a newb.


    680i Evga mobo
    G.skill CA5 2gig set

    Run you about $600


      Q6600 and E6850 are both $280 on newegg, and the Q6600 is defiantly the one to pick imo.

      I got Q6600 2.4Ghz @2.9Ghz 2GB of Ram and 8800GTS 500/1400 @ 630/1980


        we still have to wait for the benchmarks, but me personally thinks the E6850 will get u more fps than the Q6600 in UT3.... :>

        but best is to wait for some benchmarks once UT3 demo is released :>


          Yeah I'd like to wait for the demo to come out before making a decision. Thing is will my old PC hold out so I can at least try the demo before having to wait for benchmarks =)



            I don't believe Epic would do such a thing with the Unreal Engine like Crytek that you'll gonna need the hell off a machine to run it. Anyway, I would wait for the demo to come out, download it, test it on your hardware and see the next step. I'm pretty sure that as soon as THE DEMO comes out, there'll be several threads here talking about the performance and the quality people are getting from theirs systems. And above it, they will be more accurate than any guess at this moment.


              There are enough of these threads, closed.