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1 minute of silence for the trans-cam

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    Now that I tried the UT3 Trans (you can aquire it via the 'loaded' cheat in ShangriLa) I can definitely say that fixing the problem that caused the cam's removal should be put quite high on Epic's priority list, imo. The depth-perception of the disc's flight path is not that good, it's very hard to tell where exactly you will end up while it's in mid-air. For example, I tried to Xloc to the UDamage in ShangriLa and kept missing most of the time. One just can't tell how far away the disc is exactly. With the cam it was possible to land spot on where you wanted to be. The ability to spy on the enemy was quite handy as well, of course, but the now missing precision of mid-air translocating is the main reason I painfully miss the cam.
    Please, Epic, try to fix the relating issue and give us the cam back! I really can't see why this should be so complicated, as the redeemer's remote-cam works flawlessly.


      Didn't use the camera much in BR. Just goofing around I could put the trans disc on top of my head and run around viewing from the camera. Pretty funny stuff. Also when you manged to get it on your head and stay there you could press a key, can't remember which, and red smoke would flow from you to the opposing goal. Absolutely useless stuff but a fun novelty when goofing around. Pretty funny to watch someone running around with the disc on their head too.



        trans cam was innovative and didn't break the game (unlike shield, adrenaline and dodge jumping)


          I wonder if the problem was whether the disk would set on the ground correctly or sink in like the characters feet appear to. Perhaps if you tried to use the camera you would just get the inside view of a stone tile.