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Another computer building question, please help.

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    Another computer building question, please help.

    Hello, i am from Uruguay.. i am planning on upgrading my computer..
    This is what i have now:

    Motherboard: MSI RS482M4 (ati Xpress200)
    CPU: AMD X2 3800+ (S 939)
    Memory: 2 x 1GB DDR 400 ( Dual channel)
    Videocard: Sapphire ati X1950XT 256 MB ( OC'd 680 - 2000)
    HD: Seagate Sata2 300GB 16 mb buffer
    PWS: Antec True Power Trio 550 W

    and i am planning on getting this system...

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R or Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R

    some pleople have told me that the P35 chipset is better..

    CPU: Core 2 Duo E6750

    I have always been a fanboy of AMD but here the biggest procesor you can buy is the 6000+ X2 and for what i have seen the core 2 duo E6750 is much better and it overclocks a lot.

    Memory: 2x 1GB DDR2 800 ( dual channel)

    I would keep my HD, Videocard, PWS.

    What do you think about it? any suggestions?
    Remember that here in uruguay Hardware costs Twice what it costs in the US, and not everything gets here.. and I cant spend more money than that.
    Thanxz a lot people!


    I can only really comment on the CPU, as I don't keep up with the ATI side of graphics cards.

    CPU wise: I've heard quite a few people recommend the quad core intel CPU's over Dual Core.... even if the clock speed isn't as much. Quads can overclock way better (apparently!). Makes sense though: overclock a duo by 10%, and you have 20% more performance, overclock a quad by 10%, and you have 40% more performance.... basic math.

    The RAM looks good, make sure you go for a good brand though (Corsair comes to mind).

    Graphics wise: get something on par with the 8800GTS. That seems to be the card to go for atm.


      if you're comfortable with overclocking you have some other possibilities, especially if you're on a budget.

      the e2140 or e2160 are exceptional values for the overclocker. these, with luck, will overclock to speeds at or greater than the e6750 on air alone.

      if you can pay a bit more q6600 has shown some impressive results for folks as well.

      if you don't want to bother with overclocking then the e6750 is just fine.

      but, with all things overclocked - there are no guarantees.

      oh, and yes, get the p35.


        Thanxz for answer.. tha thing is that here hardware cost much more than in the US and the cheapest quad core costs twice what i will pay for the E6750 and i cant spend that much money


          im a dyed in the wool ati lover....but they simply cant compete with nv at the moment. get a 8800gts 620mb card and no less, should last quite a while

          but id wait and see 1st. thats a pretty good card u have still. play the demo or wait for the game 1st


            Hello, yes i know the e2140, 2160 and 2180 are the best overclockers.. but.. only those with revision M0 and obviously here in uruguay there are no M0 jeje at least not yet.

            Do you think the E6750 cant be overclocked? i have a friend who has one and he is running it at 3.4 GHZ on air cooling and stable.


              Yes i am planning on keeping my videocard for some time... the only things i am upgrading are: motherboard, CPU and ram to DDR2 800


                e6750 most certainly can be overclocked and is a good cpu. i gave my suggestions based on your mention of the money issue. it's too bad about the limited availability and price of parts in Uruguay. here the jump from e6750 to q6600 is 200 to 280. a big step, but not anywhere near as bad as twice.


                  yep i know and one more question...
                  Between the AMD X2 6000+ and the E6750 i should get the E6750 right?


                    here you pay 290 for the E6750 and 470 for the q6600


                      out of curiosity, how much does an e6850 cost down there? here the price is similar to the q6600.

                      amd 6000+ vs e6750 could just boil down to rivalries, but performance wise, unless the amd is significantly cheaper, go for the e6750.



                        mm if you mean the QX 6850 Extreme its like 1500 american dollars hehe


                          Something is seriously wrong with your retailers.


                            heh its not only their fault... besides that is the most expensive processor right? the extreme quad core... the real problem here is taxes... if i want to import a procesor that costs 100 dolars when i pay taxes for it I pay like 65 percent of the price only for taxes so it would cost me at least 165 dolars... but actually it is always a little more and think of a procesor that costs 500 dolars in the us... it will be more than a thousand here... usually


                              and there is something else.... and average worker earns 400 dollars a month.... so do the math hehe