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    Back when when I was playing UT2k3, i was bugged back to play a few rounds of good o' UT99. Instead of picking up from where i left off I found out that the controls were completely ALIEN to me, no matter how much i configured the mouse sensitivity it just wasn't behaving like i wanted it to.

    I lost completely all of my accuracy in UT99 so i ended up playing spammer with the RL's spread shooting... I still had my wits and map-tricks so i was still a threat and it was fun - but the main thing is, both are completely different game in terms of mouse control and dodging... play either too long and u'll lose out on the other through conditioning.

    Guess i'll just praccy my **** off when UT3 comes out.


      It is NOT! just like UT99 and it is NOT! just like UT2004 it is a combination of the two styles and a completly new game it will feel wierd to everyone...


        Ive been playing UT 99 for 3 years or so , then i decided to go to 2k4, and it was fun. but i always said that UT99 is still the best. Im realy hoping that UT3 gets as close to UT99 as possible and goes beyond the gameplay of 99. New inovative stuff has come up , like that time slower thingymagig. And another thing i really hope to see some old maps in a new jacket.


          I'm used to ut2k4 movement but ill learn the new movement when i get the game ........... well every 1 will