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So, if the game runs on Linux?

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    So, if the game runs on Linux?

    I've looked several places now and for some reason can't find if UT3 will release on Linux/mac along with windows, or not?

    If it does, would that be compatable with the yellow dog Linux for ps3?

    I'm looking to play the game on my ps3 in YDL 5.0, is this possible?

    I'de much rather play the PC version of te game, as i'm not too excited with how the development of the PS3 version is going.

    I'm not very tech savey, is this do-able?


    It will be likely compatible with YDL, but you won't be able to play it on a PS3.

    The PS3 linux dual boot is blocked from access to the graphics card, so you only have 256mb and ultra-basic graphics.

    This is to stop people doing things like this

    EDIT: When I say ultra basic graphics what I mean is that you WILL still get full colour, but you can't do anything too graphically intensive.
    Linux actually runs on top of the XMB with the xmb running as a backend which restricts access to hardware.


      Ahh, thoght I might have found my way out of the problem!!!

      Thanks for the info, even if I didn't want to hear it


        using linux will run slow
        the PS3 version is very good, what's wrong with it?
        there is mod support, keyboard and mouse support, and probably all maps
        is there still linux support?


          Yeah, I know that Epic is doing the best they can with it. I'm jsut a pretty hardcore PC UT player trying to make the switch over to Console, since the games releasing on it.

          But, the 30 fps max, slower foot speed, uncertain release date and lack of cross platform play are turning me off to the idea.

          I'm looking up PC parts on as we speak


            The way I look at it is if my PC cannot run the Demo, I'll buy the PS3 version, because by the time I actually do upgrade my PC, it'll be able to play UT3 at 1000 frames per second on ultra mega highest settings and it'll be in the £5 bargain bin.


              Uhh guys, don't forget the PS3 is running PPC, NOT x86 which UT3 for Linux will be compiled for. It will not work, sorry.


                Originally posted by Xipher View Post
                Uhh guys, don't forget the PS3 is running PPC, NOT x86 which UT3 for Linux will be compiled for. It will not work, sorry.
                sup xipher, nice to see you outside of the qcon forums


                  hmmm I already posted there:
                  ...maybe some1 can help

                  Originally posted by TheRealSephiroth View Post
                  I think so too...
                  btw. i'm running a ut3 i need to get a press card to get such press releases?

                  Maybe they mean: "Windows XP SP2/Vista or better"
                  I'd like to see UT3 on my Gutsy Gibbon, but the **** ATI driver is freaking me out with his low performance -.-

                  hmmm UT3 and Linux? OpenGL is where do we have to cut back? Physic Engine? Graphics?


                    Don't even bother trying to run a game in Linux on the PS3. The PS3 can't even handle Linux by itself very well.