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What are you doing for the Release?

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    i have finally formulated my complete plan lol

    1. i will parade to EB Games at 4 oclock in the morning shouting "Unreal Tournament 3! Unreal Tournament 3!" in a black t shirt with the UT 3 logo on it.

    2. Apon arriving, i will bang on the window, moaning, and drooling into a bucket because the cover will be in my face, behind the glass of the store.

    3. When the store opens, i will run in, iPod in hand connected to a speaker set which wil be playing the entire ut soundtrack. i will then go to the counter and request my copy which i have pre ordered 2 months ago.

    4. I will read the minibook on the way home, waiting, waiting, waiting.

    5. apon arriving home, i will install ut 3, crack open a can of pepsi while waiting, and watch some HD videos and some pictures of ut 3 to hype me up, and maybe read more minibook lol.

    6. when its installed, i will begin my 40 hour famine... my version
    (Life without everything except UT 3, pepsi cola, and beef jerky for 40 hours)

    7. my chronic fatigue will kick in, and i will probably sleep for amn entire day, but it will be WELL worth it