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    Originally posted by Lostsoul View Post
    It is partially due to variances in map colors. The vast majority of the competitive community play UT for it's speed. Having things blend in and allow sneaking or hiding takes away from that. Most people in the comp community will agree that the Neon skins are to much, but it is kinda late to be changing it now.

    I opposed bright skins and hit sounds in competition for a long time until I played with it. They make for a more enjoyable competition.
    No offence but that is complete rubish... variances in the color in maps is the same for each and every person,UT has ALWAYS had a sneeking and hiding side to it,if you get your butt whipped because of those tactis it is your fault not the is never to late to fix a bad idea (UTcomp)(TTM) the way so called pro players talk they just need a white box map,that would be fun huh??

    Bersey's ideas are usualy great but this one is not as it will again cause a riff between players from one server to another,player A will play at so and so server and be used to the extrabrightness settings on the server player B does not like it and complains it is the games fault..sorry play like UT99 with what comes on the CD if it is not good enough(like matrix skins) THEN it is the games fault and they can fix it for all players not just a few...


      verry nice BERSY!! rockon some 1 make that fast


        I say bright skins all the way.

        My reasoning is simply that the LAST thing I want to see is more of these **** "no run and gun" "auto sniper" noob resort servers. These servers are TERRIBLE. Most turn dodging OFF, which is the essence of UT. Then they put in mods that kill you if you move. Then you can only auto fire while standing still? Its like breeding, encouraging, and nourishing n00bishness on a profound level. seriously, if you wanna snipe.. buy another UE3 game like Airborne... or something.. ANYTHING just STOP making these servers, your destroying the advancement of skill for new UT players by encouraging ALL the wrong things.

        These are the rules which will help you in UT (all of which are discouraged and even punished in these servers.):

        10 rules to a better FPS game. These rules can be applied to just about any FPS save for #2 which is a UT exclusive rule.

        1. NEVER stop moving! Not even to do a shock combo. Stopping is the fastest way to DIE, this should be obvious.

        2. DON'T jump. Its slow and makes you easy to hit, this ISN'T quake, there is no strafe jumping. DODGE, DODGE, DODGE, WALL DODGE, and DODGE some more.

        3. AIM, don't spam. The key to good aim is to become comfortable with the patterns of gravity and dodges to where while moving you can predict a persons movement and the path in which they move, and place your cross hair in a place which you KNOW they will pass, and time your shots. The same principle allows for midair Shock combos, a truly powerful and impressive feat to be able to pull off in some ones face. After you've mastered this start on flick shots. honing your "actuating" muscles in your wrists is essential, as well as learning the responsiveness of your mouse.

        4. Time/Control Powerups They are the bane the deciding factor in most "even" matches and can also win you the day in matches where you're not quite as good as your opponent. Be there when they spawn, starve your opponents.

        5. Tim/Control the weapons know your opponent best/fav weapons alter your path to assure they never get them.

        6. Learn the health locations. Know intercept paths and spots, to stop your opponent from healing. Remember, hitting and hurting your opponent is useless if you let them heal. Starving your opponent makes them easier to kill. Stop wondering why you keep wailing away and they won't die, and keep them from what's allowing them to do this, health/powerups.

        7. Keep the High ground when possible. But, beware shock combos when doing so. doing this allows you the advantage of use of splash damage weapons while denying the same to all but the best flak users the same.

        8. Learn ALL weapons. Don't limit your self to 2-3 weapons because you Like them. Every weapon has its ideal situation in which to be used. Know the damage of each firemode of the weapons so that you can force your opponent in to the situation in which the best fits your need to use each weapon. As Stated below, the best way to learn a weapon is also the best way to improve your aim/prediction skills with it, use it alone for a week, you'll be amazed by the improvement. I suggest LG/sniper first, as shock will encourage "hitscan spam." and the sniper is slow enough as to encourage you actually aim.

        9. Play smart. Don't let your emotions control you into predictable rushing, don't engage a loaded opponent with an enforcer/assault rifle. Don't allow your opponent the opportunity to control your movement by waiting at a choke, point.. allow them to see you go back around the corner, allow them to go to the cut off point then double back and go your original intended path. Control your emotions, DON'T rush/follow unless you time it right and know and are at least 90% sure that you can get the kill without sacrificing over 40% health/shield. And don't engage a hitscan crack shot who has LG /mini and AMP. You WILL die.

        10. Learn your maps. Know intercept paths, learn all weapon/health/powerup locations, and the fastest/most secluded/ paths between them, not only is time a key factor in FPS games, but staying alive is as well, the better you know your map, the better you can stay alive against a powerful opponent by taking short cuts, knowing choke/cuttoff points and avoiding them appropriately. As well as using them on your opponent.

        and the Golden Rule which should be obvious.

        PRACTICE. All these tips mean nothing if you don't give yourself the time to learn and master them. Consistency is the key to a better game.

        this is good stuff... think I'll make a post for it.


          Originally posted by Lostsoul
          List some competitive accomplishments you have had, and then maybe I will care what you have to say.
          List yours.


            Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
            List yours.
            To many to list


              I don't recognize any of those leagues.


                Originally posted by DarkSideofOZ View Post
                3. AIM, don't spam.
                9. Play smart.
                Playin smart includes spamming smart. imo spamming can be a skill. (and luck too ofc, but luck is part of EVERY game)


                  Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
                  I don't recognize any of those leagues.
                  Based on your location, i would not expect you to. IGL and PG are dead, and TWL should be. I never played at CB.


                    Originally posted by Morph` View Post
                    Playin smart includes spamming smart. imo spamming can be a skill. (and luck too ofc, but luck is part of EVERY game)
                    Agreed. Playing Nox I learned the importance of shock spam.