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    Flak cannon! If they were bringing back the ripper it would get the number one vote from me! That was one kick *** wep!


      Impact Hammer, Chainsaw and Translocator.


        about that AR doing 37dmg in a second, then that makes 74dmg in a second, with good accuracy. i've killed several times in a second or so firing with dbl ARs just fine. statisticilly bad or no, i've kill pretty well with dual ARs. they just lack reliability because of the low damage rate. against a stacked opponent at long range armed with a minigun, then yeah, he would walk,run,jump and **** cirlces all around my panicky ***. but if you train with them enough, you'd be suprised about how effectice they can be...same with the shield gun. only proplem might be getting close enough :P my favourite weapons still go the following
        1: dual AR
        2: shock rifle(big suprise)
        3: sniper rifle
        4: minigun
        5: flak cannon

        altough this ofc depens on my situation. at close range i always prefer the flak, long range is sniper rifle, then shock, then minigun, and medium dual AR, then shock rifle, then flak and then minigun. but basicly like that...


          shock rifle was kinda effective against the stupid bots.