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    Another round of supreme ownage on the most mouse slamming, anger inducing fast paced shooter I know. I've calmed down quite a bit on the mouse slamming though, I guess it's cause it's an MX518 now.


      The apex of multiplayer combat, along with (no offense) to show Halo fans that there is more out there for multiplayer shooters then Halo Halo Halo. Don't get me wrong loved the game and its multiplayer. My point is that Unreal Tournament has been around for a long time and conole players have never really been exposed to it, and I always hear Halo multiplayer is the best nothing can beat it and then I hear replies "whats Unreal Tournament?". I'm not trying to turn this into Halo vs UT thing. I'm just going to smile when a lot of Halo fans put down their battle rifles and pick a a shock rifle.

      And I'm just using Halo as an example, ther have been tons of multiplayer shooters that have been hailed by the console community as the best thing evar and they never paid any attention to PC games. I think with the release of Unreal Tournament 3 on 360 and PS3 it will open up a lot of peoples eyes and exclusive console players will finially understand why we love this game so much. Its good to see PC and consoles moving closer together in terms of rendering power. But to be completely clear I love Halo and was only using it as an example. To others because its a matter of taste Halo might be their style over UT, but so many haven't been exposed to UT and thats one thing I am excited about. Seeing other enjoying the game as much as I have in the past, present and come November.

      I am also looking forward to workig with Unreal Engine 3. I have been working with Zbrush and recently learning mudbox getting ready to make a 100 percent custom map for UT3 and possibly Gears of War when that raches PC as well. I'm amped up about seeing what EPIC hasn't shown us.

      Unreal Tournament 2004 has been on my hard drve except for a few formats as the go to game when you want to just get into some heavy competative action. For me UT2004 was the go to game to play before I had to run to work or class because I could play a few games get my frag euphoria and get on with whatever I need to get acomplished in my daily grind. Single player games involve long sit downs mostly and getting into the story and are never as satisfying as playing real people even with the incredible AI UT2004 has. OH and I'm looking forward to drooling over Chris Perna's art which I'm sure will be in the game as I believe he was the Gears of War art lead.

      Great stuff check this stuff out guys!!

      props to all the other dedicated artists working on UT3. People who say games aren't art are full of ****.


        more wasted life