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happier after chat, but STILL concerned....

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  • started a topic happier after chat, but STILL concerned....

    happier after chat, but STILL concerned....

    perhaps i was caffeine-challenged, but i thought i saw some statement mentioning "300+ fps" fly by, and i feel better that UT3 won't have some asinine frame cap, like the 30 put on the recent Quake Wars.

    let me state up front that along the way, i've purchased 1 copy of UT99, then 2 copies of the UT99 GOTY (one to try to get a friend into the game), 1 copy of UT2K3, and again, 2 copies of UT2K4...

    i used to race out to EB to pre-order, or order, as soon as i saw any signs of the game on the sites.

    but after the total non-answer to the DRM question in the chat last night, i wouldn't pre-order this game even if it were offered for half-price!! :-)

    after playing Test Drive Unlimited for about 2000 miles worth of driving, i'm now waiting for a replacement dvd-rom to show up; no problems with it before that game..

    and reading at 2K(?) from all the protesters of the Bio game's problems from its inclusion of same REALLY did not go over well at all.

    so, with that said, would the first person to actually physically get the game and install it please report back on this issue?

    i won't even consider buying UT3 till i get an answer on this, no matter HOW big a fan i've been in the past.

    and i believe i am NOT alone with what, IMHO, is a legitimate concern...