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No system requirements yet! "do u think can i run it?"

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    Originally posted by Emmet Otter View Post
    How can anyone know if there are no system requirements said? Everything else is speculation.

    And for people buying stuff now in preparation is not being smart. The game could get delayed til christmas. We will have new sets of intel/amd - nvidia/ati hardware by november or even december. By then you can have better options on what to buy or buy what you've already purchased for a cheaper price.

    Can people just hold on to their wallets and wait til' the demo comes to figure everything out.

    I upgraded three out of four comps, leaving the last one till early next year...
    but tbh I dont think there will be any problems running UT3 at all, Epic ant stupid and many will have a nice supprise when it is released (specs)


      If my Q6600, 2GB RAM, 8800gts can't run it nothing can.


        Epic said that they were really concentrating on Scalability! You will probably be able to run on a 7600GT, p4/Athlon 3.6 etc or X2 3000+ give or take on Medium settings...
        Just my guess.. Keep your system as it is, get the game, and see if you can run at the resolution/settings you like etc...


          with intel core 2 duo you'll get more performance out of that card