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Who thinks Epic should take the competitive community serious ?

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    Competitive gamers should be above that kind of behavior, a random pre-teen shouting profanities is somewhat understandable, but hardly pleasant, someone that has been around for a long time, somewhat older and isn't burdened by a un-developed sense of decorum shouldn't raise his/her chin, look down his/her nose and treat everyone that doesn't share his/her exact opinions and ideas like a bunch of dirty peasants that simply doesn't know better.

    I do like parts of UTComp though I wish they made less of it "standard" and made it more apparent how to configure it, so the random guy that joins doesn't get the whole hitsound brightskin shebang, that is one of the biggest reasons why most casuals don't like UTComp, it changes a lot of things without asking first or giving a easily apparent way of changing it back, if it was a lot milder by default but could be turned up for people that wanted that stuff it would have done a lot better.

    I really hope the competitive community is satisfied with the increased volume of hit sound effects and the increased visibility or players, so we don't need the blueberry/strawberry skins and pot banging hitsounds, warm up and other features are still something UTComp or similar could provide though.