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    Originally posted by fuegerstef View Post
    Think about the older people from former Eastern Germany. They never had English in school.
    No offense but I think the majority of German people aren't that good in English, same as in France. Reason? They dub movies/TV and translate every ad.


      Originally posted by Nietzsche View Post
      Till 1964 latin was the first foreign language in schools and it would be a pretty bad move for any tv-channel to show their shows in english (or any other language different to german) as this would reduce their potential marketshare to about 5% (even people who had english in school would not be interested or able to enjoy shows that are presented in english, as their knowledge of the language would have dimmished by now).
      Well.. there you have it..
      I guess those people you're refering to still can read german right? That's all the knowledge you'll need to view a english movie with german subtitles.
      Yesterday I watched a spanish film with swedish subs, I don't understand spanish but I still enjoyed the film very much. It's not hard at all and I think even germans can pull it off.

      Well well... I don't really care if the germans learn english or not but Krill3's got a point. If you see people in a public english-speaking forum talking their native language they're 95% german... Bugs me some, especially when they're chatting ingame(I use the talkfunction in game chat so it' can be pretty annoying.)...


        I can't speak for all germans, but I don't chat in german in an english chat. In some cases it's helpful to explain something to another german in native language, since my germen is far more better than my english xD

        (What I hate are people, who come into a german chat and always say "speak english, please". Some english-speaking people think, english is the only language. That's intolerance, and that is what I hate.)